A Murder is Announced | December 2004

By Agatha Christie. Directed by Rene Hughes.

The residents of Chipping Cleghorn are astonished to read an advert in the local newspaper that a murder will take place the following Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Little Paddocks, the home of Letitia Blacklock.

All the residents of the town expect that it is a murder mystery party. Little do they know that they’ll all show up for it, one by one, only to have the power go out and have shots fired – and a man is found dead.

The police assume he had placed the ad and planned it as a robbery, but for Miss Marple it’s not that obvious. She believes that the killer is one of the people in the room. When two of those present the evening of the murder are subsequently killed, it is left to Miss Marple to unravel a complex series of relationships and false identities.

Julia Simmons                           Sian Roberts
Letita Blacklock                        Carolyn Taylor
Dora Bunner                              Penny Vetterlein
Patrick Simmons                       Ian-Paul Munday
Mitzi                                            Jenny Jones
Miss Marple                               Brenda Noble
Phillipa Haymes                         Ruth Clarke
Mrs Sweetenham                      Valerie Simpson
Edmund Sweetenham               James Marchant
Rudi Scherz                                James Molkenthin
Inspector Craddock                  Bernard Harriss
Sergeant Mellors                       Tony Burd









Set design/decor                   David Moon
Lighting Design                     Andrew Herbert
Sound Design                         Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager                      Liane Marchant
Asst Stage Managers            Sally Guttridge, James Molkenthin
Set construction                     Bernard Hemsley, David Moon, T62 members
Props                                       Sally Guttridge assisted by Rosemary Harris
Wardrobe                                Margaret Uzzell
Hair                                         Jean Golder
Prompt                                    Nina James

House Manager                      Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                         Ann Herbert
Raffle                                        Eve Stone
Box Office                                Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design   Graham Copeland
Programme editor                  Maurice Uzzell

Lettice and Lovage | October 2004

By Peter Shaffer.  Directed by Patricia Melluish.

Lettice, employed as a stately home tourist guide, has inherited theatricality and eccentricity from her mother.

Caught embroidering the history of the house by Lotte, her supervisor, she is dismissed.

During the dismissal interview they uncover common ground with the result that she and lotte develop an unlikely friendship.

Cast TBC

Backstage TBC

Fringe Benefits | June 2004

By Peter Yeldham and Donald Churchill. Directed by Howard James.

Two couples decise, this year, to change their plans for a customary annual holiday, since the wives are sick of Torremolinos and the husbands are engineering an assignation with two girls.

A young man, who fancies the two women, arrives and predictably hilarious complications result.

It is set in the 1970s, and all the action takes place in the small maisonette of one of the couples, Colin and Isobel Hudson.


Cast includes:

Nigel London
Pauline Whalley
Valerie Simpson
Jon Clark
Ian-Paul Munday
Rachel Philpot
Emily London

Backstage TBC

Steel Magnolias | April 2004

By Robert Harling. Directed by Jon Clark.

The regular customers of Truvy’s beauty shop. the centre of a small town in Louisiana, enjoy a staple diet of gossip.

They share the good times and bad and set the world to rights.

But, when one of their number dies following an operation, they find a deep strength and purpose in life.

It is set in the late 1980s in Chinquapin, Louisiana.  


M’Lynn           Jeanette Hoile
Clairee            Muriel Kidd
Annelle           Sian Roberts
Truvy             Janet Clark
Ouiser            Rene Hughes
Shelby            Alice London








Set design/decor           Adrian Pope
Lighting Design              David Hart
Sound Design                 Ian James
Set construction            Maurice Uzzell, T62 members
Stage Manager              Heather London
Asst Stage Manager      Emily London
Wardrobe                       Margaret Uzzell, cast members
Props                              Ann Herbert assisted by Nina James
Make-up                        Penny Vetterlein
Hair                                Jean Golder
Prompt                           Audrey Smithard

House Manager             Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                Members of T62
Raffle                               Sally Guttridge
Box Office                       Margaret Uzzell
Poster design                 Adrian Pope
Programme editor        Maurice Uzzell
Programme design        Graham Copeland

Garden | February 2004

By Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Paul Marshall.

The action takes place in the Manor House, Pendon, home of Teddy and Trish Platt, during an August Saturday.

Attractions include:

Maypole dancing, Morris Dancing, Hoop-la, Bat the Rat, Tombola, Fortune Telling, Family Feuds, Jilted Mistress, Celebrity Guest and Political Chicanery.

All presented in inimitable Alan Ayckbourn style.

Maypole dance arranger: Penny Heather

Teddy Platt                 Del Stone
Trish Platt                   Janet Clark
Sally Platt                    Sophia Jackson
Giles Mace                   Bernard Harriss
Joanna Mace               Susan Adam
Jake Mace                   Jack Southon
Gavin Ryng-Mayne   Tony Burd
Barry Love                  Alec Raemers 
Lindy Love                  Nikki Packham
Lucille Cadeau             Ariane Barnes
Fran Briggs                 Rachelle Philpot
Warn Croucher           Maurice Uzzell
Izzie Truce                  Rene Hughes
Pearl Truce                 Janet Sharrock

Bandsmen, maypole dancers, fancy dress parade:
Aimee Bonnick, Vanessa Charlton, Amy Harvey, Leila Hussein, Hannah Noble, Gabrielle Stocker, Lauren Stocker, Lly Thorpe, Vita Thorpe, Katie Vistuer.





Set design/decor             Adrian Pope
Lighting Design                Andrew Herbert
Sound Design                   Daniel Whymark
Set construction              T62 members
Stage Manager                Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager        Liane Marchant
Props                                Sally Guttridge, Liane Marchant, Joan Martin
Make-up                          Penny Vetterlein
Wardrobe                        Rene Hughes, Joan Martin, Nikki Packham, Margaret Uzzell
Stage crew                       Jo Betteley, James Marchant, Katherine Whalley
Prompt                             Pauline Whalley

House Manager               John Gutridge
Refreshments                 Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle                                Maggie Hoyle
Box Office                        Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                  Adrian Pope
Programme editor          Maurice Uzzell
Programme design         Graham Copeland

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe | December 2003

By C. S. Lewis, adapted by Adrian Mitchell, with music by Shaun Davey. Directed by Rosemary Harris.

Visit the fantastic and magical land of Narnia with the four children who have passed through the wardrobe gateway.

Meet Aslan, the great King Lion, and wonder at the deadly struggle to free the land from the clutches of the evil White Witch…

…all brought together in this sparkling adaptation of the well-known story.

Set in England and Narnia. 

Photos below.

Peter Pevensie                 James Marchant or James Molkenthin
Susan Pevensie                Emily Thompsonor Hazel Dales
Edmund Pevensie            Christopher Davies or Stefano Nella
Lucy Pevensie                  Lauren Stocker or Amy Harvey

In England…
Air Raid Warden              Jim Judd
Railway Porter                 Daniel Malynn
Ivy                                     Maureen Taylor
Margaret                           Jessica Webb
Betty                                  Lauren Pimblett
Mrs Macready                  Pauline Gregoire
Professor Kirk                  Andrew Herbert
Sighteers                           Noemi Nella, Jane Pimblett, Joy Judd, Maureen Taylor

In Narnia…
Mr Tumnus                       Bill Delieu
White Reindeer                Ashling Hill, Harry Rush
Grumpskin                        Matthew Rolfe
The White Witch              Sue Parker-Nutley
Robin                                 Noemi Nella
Beaver                               Ray Harris  
Mrs Beaver                      Janet Clark
Maugrim                           Daniel Malynn
Father Christmas            Ian-Paul Munday
Reindeer                           Vanessa Charlton
Mother Squirrel               Lauren Pimblett
Baby Squirrel                   Emily Vistuer
Dog Fox                             Jim Judd
Aslan                                 Noel Rands
Dryad                                Maureen Taylor 
Naiad                                 Patricia Matthews
Centaur                             Kishan Patel
Eagles                                Vishaal Patel, Katie Visteur
Leopards                           Jess Barker, Natalie Wall
Witch’s creatures included Jim Judd, Joy Judd
Giant Rumblebuffin        Ian-Paul Munday
Lion                                   Leila Hussein
King Peter                        Nicholas Wilcox
Queen Susan                    Emily London
King Edmund                   Alex Ginn
Queen Lucy                      Ashling Hill

Music Director                 Bernard John
Movement Director        Penny Heather
Set Design                        Ray Harris
Lighting Design               David Hart
Sound Design                   Ian James
Stage Manager                Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager       Liane Marchant
Set construction              Bernard Hemsley, T62 members
Lighting Assistant           Stuart Scott
Sound Assistant              Daniel Whymark
Props                                Joan Martin & Nina James
Wardrobe                         Margaret Uzzell, Vicky Purnell
Make-up                          Jean Golder, Maggie Hoyle, Viki Jones, Caroline Nella, Carolyn Taylor, Denise Taylor
Prompt                             Anne John
Stage crew                       Jess Barker, Nicholas Wilcox, Jo Betteley, Michael Malynn, Alex Ginn, Ian-Paul Munday, Natalie Wall, Amy Vistuer

House Manager               Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                  Ann Herbert, Nina James   
Raffle                                Maggie Hoyle, Muriel Kidd
Box Office                        Margaret Uzzell
Poster artwork               David Funkland
Poster/programme design Graham Copeland
Programme editor          Maurice Uzzell

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie | October 2003

By Muriel Spark, adapted by Jay Presson Allen. Directed by Rene Hughes.

Meet Jean Brodie, eccentric, radical schoolteacher, fascinating her ‘set’ of sixteen year old girls with her ideas, beliefs and relationships with men.

Out of pique, one of the ‘set’ arranges her dismissal for her fascist sympathies, ending the career of ‘an Edinburgh Festival all on her own’.

Set in Edinburgh in the 1930’s and an Edinburgh convent in the 1970’s.


Sister Helena                              Jean Golder
Mr Perry                                    Tony Skeggs
Jean Brodie                                Carolyn Taylor
Sandy                                          Emily London
Jenny                                          Elosa Brann
Monica                                        Rachel Cormican
Mary MacGregor                      Katherine Whalley
Miss MacKay                              Penny Vetterlein
Gordon Lowther                        Jon Clark
Teddy Lloyd                              Alec Raemers
McCreedy                                   Ian-Paul Munday
Miss Campbell                           Sian Roberts
Schoolgirls: Jess Barker, Lauren Palmer, Danielle Grainger, Sophie Jackson, Charlotte Kennett, Claire Phillips, Jo Betteley, Jo Betteley, Natalie Wall.

Set design                                    David Kinch
Lighting Design                          Andrew Herbert
Sound Design                              Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager                           Sian Roberts
ASMs                                           Heather London & Alex Ginn
Set construction                         David Kinch, Bernard Hemsley, Adrian Pope
Set backdrop                              Caroline Fuller
Special paintings                        Stella Harvery
Lighting Asst                               Ian James
Props                                           Ann Herbert, Mary Holder
Wardrobe                                   Margaret Uzzell
Wardrobe Assts                         Pauline Whalley, Margaret Cronk
Make-up                                    Penny Vetterlein
Wigs                                            Jean Golder
Prompt                                       Alice London

House Manager                         Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                            Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle                                           Nigel London
Poster design                             Stella Harvey
Programme editor                    Maurice Uzzell
Programme design                    Graham Copeland

The Memory of Water | June 2003

By Shelagh Stevenson. Directed by Howard James.

When Mary, Theresa and Catherine meet on the eve of their mother’s funeral, conflicts and tension from the past materialise. 

In this comedy of sparkling exchanges of everyday lies, through humour and depth of compassion, the strains of family relationships are revealed.

 The story is set in a bedroom at winter, over two days.

Time – the present.


Mary                            Sue Williams
Teresa                         Janet Clark
Vi                                 Muriel Kidd
Catherine                    Vikki Jones
Mike                            Jack Wilkie
Frank                          Jon Clark
Lighting Design           David Hart
Sound Design               Ian James
Set design                    Adrian Pope
Stage Manager            Heather London
Set construction          Bernard Hemsley, T62 members
ASM                              Sian Roberts
Set décor                      Adrian Pope
Props                            Ann Herbert & Nina James
Prompt                        Pauline Whalley
Wardrobe                    Nikki Packham, Patricia Melluish, Beryl Neale

House Manager          Maurice Uzzell
Raffle                            Nigel London
Refreshments             T62 members
Poster design              Adrian Pope
Box Office                    Margaret Uzzell
Programme Editor     Maurice Uzzell
Programme design     Graham Copeland

Neville’s Island | April 2003

By Tim Firth. Directed by Bill Morley.

A comedy in think fog.

A team-building exercise in the Lake District by Gordon, Angus, Roy and Neville becomes a near-farcical shipwreck on an island in Derwentwater.

With fog, unfriendly wildlife and being cut off from civilisation, the intended bonding process turns into a humorous fight for survival.

The action takes place on Rampsholme Island, Derwentwater  during a weekend in November.


Neville Sellard               Bernard Harriss
Gordon Ginnit               Del Stone
Roy Nish                        Nigel London
Angus Beaph                 Paul Marshall

Set design                      Maurice Uzzell
Lighting                         Andrew Herbert
Sound                             Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager             Maurice Uzzell
Set construction           T62 members
Set décor                       Caroline Fuller
Props                             Polly Hart
Wardrobe                     Margaret Uzzell
Make-up                       Rachel Philpott
Prompt                          Mary Holder

House Manager            John Guttridge
Refreshments              Ann Herbert
Raffle                             Heather London
Box Office                     Margaret Uzzell
Poster design               Graham Copeland
Programme editor      Maurice Uzzell
Programme design      Graham Copeland

Amy’s View | February 2003

By David Hare. Directed by Jon Clark.

Love without conditions is Amy’s belief; a conviction with which Esme, her mother, a leading actress, committed to the memory of her dead artist husband, cannot come to terms.

However, over a period of sixteen years, through her experiences, it is a view Esme finally comes to understand.

The play is set in Esme’s house near Pangbourne and a London theatre dressing room.

Act I is set in  1979; Act II is set in 1985.

Esme Allen                   Nikki Packham
Frank Oddie                 Ray Harris
Amy Thomas               Susan Adam
Dominic Tyghe            Howard James
Evelyn Thomas           Penny Vetterlein
Toby Cole                     Ian-Paul Munday

Lighting                        David Hart
Sound                           Ian James
Set design                    Adrian Pope
Stage Manager            Sally Guttridge
ASM                              Kelly Dibley
Lighting Asst               Gemma Betteley
Sound Asst                   Stuart Scott
Set construction          Bernard Hemsley, Robin Kirby, Adrian Pope
Set décor                      Adrian Pope
Bernard Thomas’s paintings Caroline Fuller
Props                            Ann Herbert & Nina James
Wardrobe                    Rene Hughes
Make-up                      Penny Vetterlein, Lorette Neville
Prompt                        Janet Clark
Children’s voices        Hannah & Michael Noble

House Manager          Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments             Pat King
Raffle                           Joy Judd
Box Office                   Margaret Uzzell
Poster design             Adrian Pope
Programme editor     Maurice Uzzell
Programme design    Graham Copeland