Dracula The Panto | December 2009

By David Williams, directed by Sandie Campbell

Dracula                          John Oakenfull
Dame Plasma                Howard James
Buffy                               Vikki Redgrave
Fred                                Ian-Paul Munday
Rema                              Ruth Aylward
Dr Paul Bearer              Rob Chambers
Prof Van Helsing           Pieter Swinge
Marquise de Sade         Del Stone
Buster Blood Vessell     David Kinch
Hans                                Peter Bidwell
Andrex Sisters               Nikki Packham, Janet Clark, Heather London
Inspector Ventrical       Dennis Packham
P C Platelet                    Bill Ransom
Extra Bat                       Rebecca Lucking
Bat                                  Amy Burnell
Bat                                  Patricia Matthews
Bat                                  Sue Adams

Choreographer:            Hollie Campbell
Lighting Design:           David Hart
Sound Design:               Ian James
Set Design:                   Adrian Pope
Stage Director:             Bernard Hemsley
Special construction:   Chris Campbell
Stage Manager:            Liane Marchant
Asst Stage Manager:   Rachel Cormican
Accompanist:                Sarah Talat
Lighting Assistant:      Mike Walker
Sound Programmer:   Jon Lewis
Props:                            Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                     Margaret Uzzell, Valerie Polydorou
Make-up & hair:          Jean Golder, Christine Lever, Penny Vetterlein
Prompt:                        Mary Ransom

House Manager:           John Heather
Refreshments:              Nina James
Raffle:                            Sandie Campbell, Liane Marchant
Box Office:                    Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design: Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:     John Guttridge 

Blithe Spirit | October 2009

By Noel Coward. Directed by John Heather.

Coward wrote Blithe Spirit in 1941.

The action takes place in the late 1930s in the living room of Charles Condomine’s House in Kent.

Charles Condomine:        Brian John
Ruth Condomine:            Janet Sharrock
Doctor Bradman:            Simon Waterfield
Mrs Bradman:                 Pauline Whalley
Madame Arcati:              Carolyn Taylor
Elvira:                               Pat Adams
Edith (maid):                    Grace Cannell

Stage Director:                                 John Heather
Set Design:                                        Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer:                            Jon Lewis
Sound Designer:                               Ian James
Set construction:                              John Heather & members of T62
Special construction:                       John Heather, Andrew Heather
Furnishings:                                      Linda Heasley
Stage Manager:                                Heather London
Asst Stage Manager:                       Katherine Whalley
Stage crew:                                       Andrew Heather
Lighting Assistant:                          Andrew Herbert
Sound Assistant:                              Sharon Fowler
Props:                                                Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                                         Margaret Uzzell
Make-up & hair:                              Penny Vetterlein, Jean Golder
Prompt:                                             Janet Clark
House Manager:                              John Heather
Refreshments:                                 Nina James
Raffle:                                                Beryl Neal
Box Office:                                        Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:           Graham Copeland
Programme editor:                         John Guttridge 

Angels in Love | June 2009

By Hugh Mills. Directed by Noel Rands.

Family feuds, mistaken identity and true love abound when Mrs Fauntleroy attempts to enlighten her now 25 year old married son – the ‘Little Lord’ – on the facts of life.

Her hilarious efforts are complicated by mistaken identity, a poisoned teacup and a parlour maid’s naughty novels in this comedy of Victorian manners.

The play is set in the drawing room of Lord Fauntleroy’s country house, not far from London.

Time: Summer, about 1888. 

Burton:                                             Ruth Aylward
Dearest:                                            Susan Adam
Cedric, Lord Fauntleroy:               Robert Chambers
Lettice:                                             Jessica Webb
Violet, Comtesse de Chaumont:    Samantha Ellery
Furse:                                               Peter Atkinson
Molyneux, Earl of Dorincourt:      Ray Harris
Sir Pomeroy Pomeroy-Jones:       John Oakenfull
Eustace Pomery-Jones:                 Jules Ross

Stage Director:                               John Heather
Lighting Design:                             David Hart
Sound Design:                                Jon Lewis
Set construction:                           John Heather, Andrew Heather, T62 members
Set Descor:                                     Adrian Pope, T62 members
Backcloth:                                      Jenny Elgar
Stage Manager:                             Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager:                    Pieter Jan Swinge
Sound Assistant:                          Sharon Fowler
Props:                                            Sally Guttridge
Wardrobe:                                     Margaret Uzzell
Make -Up & hair:                         Jean Golder, Christine Lever, Penny Vetterlein
Prompt:                                         Rosemary Harris

House Manager:                           John Heather
Refreshments:                              Nina James
Raffle:                                            Beryl Neal
Box Office:                                     Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:        Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:                     John Guttridge 

The Accrington Pals | April 2009

By Peter Whelan. Directed by Eve Stone.

The story of men from the industrial town of Accrington who enlisted for service in the First World War.

They did not enlist for mere patriotism – military service provided a guaranteed income, regular food and clothing.

This is a local and social history of the men at the front and the women who were left behind.

Time period: from winter 1914 to summer 1916. Set in Accrington, Caernarvon, Ripon and the Western Front, The Somme.

Tom:                     Rob Chambers
May:                     Janet Sharrock
Arthur:                 Alec Raemers
Reggie:                 James Appleyard
Ralph:                   Ian-Paul Munday
Eva:                      Sian Elliot
Annie:                   Viki Redgrave
Sarah:                   Ruth Aylward
Bertha:                 Rachel Cormican
CSM Rivers:        Simon Waterfield

Stage Director:                        Adrian Pope
Set Designer:                           Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer:                  Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer:                      Ian James
Set construction:                     Del Stone, members of T62
Set design:                               Adrian Pope, members of T62
Special construction:               Del Stone
Stage Manager:                       Liane Marchant
Asst Stage Manager:               Sandie Campbell 
Lighting Assistant:                  Bradley Smith
Sound Programmer:                Jon Lewis
Sound Assistant:                      Sharon Fowler
Props:                                        Sandie Campbell, Liane Marchant, Eve Stone
Wardrobe:                                Eve Stone
Make-up & hair:                      Andrea Cracknell, Jean Golder, Christine Lever, Penny Vetterlein
Drill Coach:                               Ken Besfor
Dialect Coach:                           Simon Waterford
Prompt:                                     Heather London

House Manager:                      John Heather
Refreshments:                          Nina James
Raffle:                                        Eve Stone
Box Office:                                Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme Design:   Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:                 John Guttridge

Curtains | February 2009

By Stephen Bill.  Directed by Muriel Kidd.

A mother’s 86th birthday tea is a desperate affair.

She is racked with pain and feels that she has lived too long, and her daughter feels guilty at not being able to help.

After the party all the old family prejudices are forced out into the open in a sometimes hilarious, painful and moving picture of a family in turmoil.

The action takes place in the back living room of an inner city Victorian House.

Time: the 1980s, September.

Ida:                                 Rosemary Harris
Katherine:                     Susan Adams
Geoffrey:                       Tony Skeggs
Michael:                         Robert Chambers
Margaret:                      Susan Appleyard
Douglas:                         Pieter Jan Swinge
Susan:                             Janet Sharrock
Mrs Jackson                  Penny Vetterlein

Stage Director:                        Adrian Pope
Set Design:                               Adrian Pope
Lighting Design:                       David Hart
Sound Designer:                      Jon Lewis
Stage Manager:                       Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Managers:             Sandie Campbell, Linda Heasley
Set construction:                     John Heather, Andrew Heather, members of T62
Technical support:                  Ian James
Sound Assistant:                     Sharon Fowler
Props:                                       Sally Guttridge, Sandie Campbell, Linda Heasley
Wardrobe:                                Valerie Polydorou
Make-up & hair:                      Penny Vetterlein
Prompt:                                    Maggie Hoyle

House Manager:                      John Heather
Refreshments:                         Nina James
Raffle:                                        Heather London
Box Office:                                Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:   Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:                 John Guttridge

The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge | December 2008

By Mark Brown. Directed by Janet Clark.

The continuation of Dickens’s Christmas story sees Scrooge one year after he learned the lesson of goodwill to all.

Now the setting is a court of law, where he has sued the ghosts for kidnapping, breaking and entering, trespassing, stalking and emotional distress.

This is a family comedy which ends with an ingenious moral twist. 

The action takes place in a London courtroom on Christmas Eve 1844.


The Bailiff:                                                                        Del Stone
Solomon Rothschild:                                                        Paul Marshall
Bob Cratchit/Jacob Marley:                                          Tony Skeggs
Mrs Cratchit/Sara Wainwright/The Translator:        Sue Parker-Nutley
The Ghost of Christmas Past:                                        Eve Stone
Judge Pearson:                                                                 John Heather
Ebenezer Scrooge:                                                           Nigel London
Fred:                                                                                  Bernard Hemsley
Mrs Dilber/The Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come:    Carolyn Taylor
Fan/Bell:                                                                            Sandie Campbell
Public Gallery:                                                                  Pauline Gregoire, Derek Melluish, Patricia Melluish, Beryl Neal


Stage Director:                         Bernard Hemsley
Set Design/construction:        Bernard Hemsley, Danny Lane
Set Decor:                                 Adrian Pope, T62 members
Lighting Designer:                   Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer:                      Ian James
Stage Manager:                       Liane Marchant
Asst Stage Manager:               Patricia Matthews
Technical Asst:                        Jon Lewis
Sound Assistant:                     Sharon Fowler
Props:                                       Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                                Margaret Uzzell, Joan Martin, Valerie Polydorou
Make-Up & Hair:                    Jean Golder, Christine Lever, Penny Vetterlein
Prompt:                                    Heather London

House Manager:                       John Heather
Refreshments:                         Nina James
Raffle:                                        Eve Stone
Box Office:                                Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:   Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:                 John Guttridge 

Our Country’s Good | October 2008

By Timberlake Wertenberger. Directed by Patricia Melluish.

Set in Australia in the late 1780s, convicts are offered humanity by participating in the production of a play, ‘The Recruiting Officer’.

The convicts are sent by ship to Australia by the British and over time become animalistic – or so they seem to some of the officers guarding them. Captain Arthur Phillip thinks otherwise though, and asks Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark to direct a play starring the convicts.

Some of the other officers are opposed, and Clark faces an uphill task of convincing the prisoners to work together. To cause further difficulties, some of the prisoners are sentenced to trials and hangings during the course of rehearsals.

Cast – Officers
Captain Arthur Phillip:                           John Heather
Major Ross:                                              John Oakenfull
Captain David Collins:                            Stephen Whalley
Captain Watkin Tench:                          Tim Hinchcliffe
Captain Jemmy Campbell:                    Ian-Paul Munday
Reverend Johnson:                                 Rob Chambers
Lieutenant George Johnson:                 Viki Redgrave
Lieutenant Will Dawes:                          Hayley Weston
Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark:           Stuart Scott
Second Lieutenant William Faddy:       Ruth Aylward
Midshipman Brewer:                              Pieter Jan Swinge

Cast – Convicts
Ketch Freeman:                                        Stephen Whalley
Robert Sideway:                                       Tim Hinchcliffe
John Arscott:                                             Ian-Paul Munday
John Wisehammer:                                   Rob Chambers
Liz Morden:                                               Viki Redgrave
Duckling Smith:                                         Hayley Weston
Dabby Bryant:                                           Ruth Aylward
Black Caesar:                                             Kevin Carvosso
Mary Brenham:                                         Jenny Jones
Shitty Meg:                                                Penny Vetterlein
Aborigine:                                                    Kevin Carvosso


Stage Director:                                           John Heather
Lighting Designer:                                     David Hart
Sound Designer:                                         Ian James
Set Construction:                                       Chris Campbell, John Heather, Derek Melluish
Stage Managers:                                        Heather London, Liane Marchant
Stage Crew:                                                Rachel Cormican, Jenny Mahoney
Lighting Assistant:                                    Jon Lewis
Sound Assistant:                                        Sharon Fowler
Props:                                                          Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                                                  Margaret Uzzell
Hair & wigs:                                                Jean Golder, Christine Lever, Penny Vetterlein
Prompt:                                                      Sandie Campbell, Nikki Packham, Mary Ransome

House Manager:                                        John Heather
Refreshments:                                           Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle:                                                         Eve Stone
Box Office:                                                  Margaret Uzzell
Poster/Programme Design:                    Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:                                   John Guttridge

The Importance of Being Earnest | June 2008

By Oscar Wilde. Directed by Paul Marshall.

Worthing and Moncrieff invent the name Ernest for their alter egos.

Worthing becomes Ernest when visiting Gwendolene in London, and Moncrieff when visiting Worthing’s young ward Cecily in the country.  

Eventually they end up together in the country trying to bluff it out but their deceptions are discovered. 

The action is set in 1895.


Lane:                                     John Heather
Algernon Moncrieff:            Geoff Dillon
John Worthing J.P.:             Ian-Paul Munday
Lady Bracknell:                    Carolyn Taylor
Hon Gwendolen Fairfax:     Jenny Jones
Miss Prism:                           Pat Adams
Cecily Cardew:                     Amy Comper
Rev. Canon Chasuble:         Burtie Welland
Merriman:                            Bernard Harriss


Lighting Designer:                  Mike Walker
Sound Designer:                     Andrew Herbert
Set Design:                              Adrian Pope
Stage Director:                        John Heather
Stage Manager:                       Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager:              Katherine Whalley
Technical Support:                 David Hart, Ian James
Stage Crew:                             Patricia Matthews, Daniel Malynn, Christopher Stewart
Props:                                       Sally Guttridge
Garden Flowers:                     Carolyn Fuller, Heather London
Wardrobe:                               Eve Stone
Hair & wigs:                             Jean Golder, Christine Lever, Penny Vetterlein
Prompt:                                    Mary Ransom

House Manager:                      John Heather
Refreshments:                         Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle:                                       Eve Stone
Box Office:                                Margaret Uzzell
Programme/poster design:   Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:                 John Guttridge

Sugar Daddies | April 2008

By Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by John Oakenfull.

Sasha’s chance meeting with a Father Christmas (a near hit-and-run victim) develops into a long, tender and increasingly sinister relationship.

The awkward girl from the country meets a guardian uncle who turns out to have a past (and possibly even present) which all but destroys her. 

The action takes place in a first floor London flat.

Time: the present day.

Sasha:             Emily London
Chloe:             Sheree Blades
Uncle Val:      Del Stone
Ashley:           Nigel London
Charmaine:    Sue Parker-Nutley

Lighting Designer:                   Mike Walker
Sound Designer:                      Ian James
Set construction:                     John Heather, Andrew Heather, Pieter Jan Swinge, Nigel London
Sofa upholstery:                      Linda Heasley
Stage Manager:                       Heather London
Asst Stage Manager:              Amy Burnell
Technical Assistance:             David Hart
Sound Assistant:                      Sharon Fowler
Props:                                        Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                                Margaret Uzzell and cast members
Make-up & Hair:                     Christine Lever, Penny Vetterlein
Prompt:                                    Raymond Langford-Jones

House Manager:                      John Heather
Refreshments:                        Ann Herbert
Raffle:                                       Eve Stone
Box Office:                               Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:  Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:                John Guttridge

The Ghost Train | February 2008

By Arnold Ridley. Directed by Ray Harris.

Six passengers stranded at a remote station of the South Cornwall Joint Railway decide to stay the night in the cheerless waiting room.

They soon regret their decision because they discover it is the anniversary of a terrible disaster; they soon see some ghostly and not-so-ghostly apparitions. 

The action tales place in the waiting room at Far Vale, a wayside station on the South Cornwall Joint Railway, during the course of a few hours in 1925.


Saul Hodgkin:                 Dennis Packham
Richard Winthrop:         Andrew Herbert
Elsie Winthrop:              Claire Morris
Charles Murdock:          James Neary
Peggy Murdock:            Amy Burnell
Miss Bourne:                  Jean Golder
Teddie Deakin:               Paul Marshall
Julia Price:                      Samantha Ellery
Herbert Price:                John Heather
John Sterling:                 Tony Skeggs
Jackson:                           Pieter Jan Swinge

Stage Director:                        Bernard Hemsley
Lighting Designer:                  David Hart
Sound Designer:                      Ian James
Set Decor:                                Adrian Pope
Stage Manager:                       Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager:             Pieter Jan Swinge
Lighting Assistant:                 Michael Walker
Sound Assistant:                     Sharon Fowler
Wardrobe:                               Margaret Uzzell
Prompt:                                   Rosemary Harris

House Manager:                      John Heather
Refreshments:                         Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle:                                       Muriel Kidd
Box Office:                               Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:   Graham Copeland
Programme Design:                John Guttridge