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Curtains | February 2009

By Stephen Bill.  Directed by Muriel Kidd.

A mother’s 86th birthday tea is a desperate affair.

She is racked with pain and feels that she has lived too long, and her daughter feels guilty at not being able to help.

After the party all the old family prejudices are forced out into the open in a sometimes hilarious, painful and moving picture of a family in turmoil.

The action takes place in the back living room of an inner city Victorian House.

Time: the 1980s, September.

Ida:                                 Rosemary Harris
Katherine:                     Susan Adams
Geoffrey:                       Tony Skeggs
Michael:                         Robert Chambers
Margaret:                      Susan Appleyard
Douglas:                         Pieter Jan Swinge
Susan:                             Janet Sharrock
Mrs Jackson                  Penny Vetterlein

Stage Director:                        Adrian Pope
Set Design:                               Adrian Pope
Lighting Design:                       David Hart
Sound Designer:                      Jon Lewis
Stage Manager:                       Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Managers:             Sandie Campbell, Linda Heasley
Set construction:                     John Heather, Andrew Heather, members of T62
Technical support:                  Ian James
Sound Assistant:                     Sharon Fowler
Props:                                       Sally Guttridge, Sandie Campbell, Linda Heasley
Wardrobe:                                Valerie Polydorou
Make-up & hair:                      Penny Vetterlein
Prompt:                                    Maggie Hoyle

House Manager:                      John Heather
Refreshments:                         Nina James
Raffle:                                        Heather London
Box Office:                                Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:   Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:                 John Guttridge

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