Our Country’s Good | October 2008

By Timberlake Wertenberger. Directed by Patricia Melluish.

Set in Australia in the late 1780s, convicts are offered humanity by participating in the production of a play, ‘The Recruiting Officer’.

The convicts are sent by ship to Australia by the British and over time become animalistic – or so they seem to some of the officers guarding them. Captain Arthur Phillip thinks otherwise though, and asks Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark to direct a play starring the convicts.

Some of the other officers are opposed, and Clark faces an uphill task of convincing the prisoners to work together. To cause further difficulties, some of the prisoners are sentenced to trials and hangings during the course of rehearsals.

Cast – Officers
Captain Arthur Phillip:                           John Heather
Major Ross:                                              John Oakenfull
Captain David Collins:                            Stephen Whalley
Captain Watkin Tench:                          Tim Hinchcliffe
Captain Jemmy Campbell:                    Ian-Paul Munday
Reverend Johnson:                                 Rob Chambers
Lieutenant George Johnson:                 Viki Redgrave
Lieutenant Will Dawes:                          Hayley Weston
Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark:           Stuart Scott
Second Lieutenant William Faddy:       Ruth Aylward
Midshipman Brewer:                              Pieter Jan Swinge

Cast – Convicts
Ketch Freeman:                                        Stephen Whalley
Robert Sideway:                                       Tim Hinchcliffe
John Arscott:                                             Ian-Paul Munday
John Wisehammer:                                   Rob Chambers
Liz Morden:                                               Viki Redgrave
Duckling Smith:                                         Hayley Weston
Dabby Bryant:                                           Ruth Aylward
Black Caesar:                                             Kevin Carvosso
Mary Brenham:                                         Jenny Jones
Shitty Meg:                                                Penny Vetterlein
Aborigine:                                                    Kevin Carvosso


Stage Director:                                           John Heather
Lighting Designer:                                     David Hart
Sound Designer:                                         Ian James
Set Construction:                                       Chris Campbell, John Heather, Derek Melluish
Stage Managers:                                        Heather London, Liane Marchant
Stage Crew:                                                Rachel Cormican, Jenny Mahoney
Lighting Assistant:                                    Jon Lewis
Sound Assistant:                                        Sharon Fowler
Props:                                                          Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                                                  Margaret Uzzell
Hair & wigs:                                                Jean Golder, Christine Lever, Penny Vetterlein
Prompt:                                                      Sandie Campbell, Nikki Packham, Mary Ransome

House Manager:                                        John Heather
Refreshments:                                           Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle:                                                         Eve Stone
Box Office:                                                  Margaret Uzzell
Poster/Programme Design:                    Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:                                   John Guttridge