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The Ghost Train | February 2008

By Arnold Ridley. Directed by Ray Harris.

Six passengers stranded at a remote station of the South Cornwall Joint Railway decide to stay the night in the cheerless waiting room.

They soon regret their decision because they discover it is the anniversary of a terrible disaster; they soon see some ghostly and not-so-ghostly apparitions. 

The action tales place in the waiting room at Far Vale, a wayside station on the South Cornwall Joint Railway, during the course of a few hours in 1925.


Saul Hodgkin:                 Dennis Packham
Richard Winthrop:         Andrew Herbert
Elsie Winthrop:              Claire Morris
Charles Murdock:          James Neary
Peggy Murdock:            Amy Burnell
Miss Bourne:                  Jean Golder
Teddie Deakin:               Paul Marshall
Julia Price:                      Samantha Ellery
Herbert Price:                John Heather
John Sterling:                 Tony Skeggs
Jackson:                           Pieter Jan Swinge

Stage Director:                        Bernard Hemsley
Lighting Designer:                  David Hart
Sound Designer:                      Ian James
Set Decor:                                Adrian Pope
Stage Manager:                       Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager:             Pieter Jan Swinge
Lighting Assistant:                 Michael Walker
Sound Assistant:                     Sharon Fowler
Wardrobe:                               Margaret Uzzell
Prompt:                                   Rosemary Harris

House Manager:                      John Heather
Refreshments:                         Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle:                                       Muriel Kidd
Box Office:                               Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:   Graham Copeland
Programme Design:                John Guttridge 





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