The Nativity | December 2007

By David Farr. Directed by Patricia Melluish.

This is an imaginative portrayal of the Christmas story, which manages to combine the simplicity of the basic Christmas tale, with stories from the Old Testament.

These stories illustrate the beliefs of faith, hope and charity. 

This combination presents a delightful mixture of reverence, humour and love.

In this production, innovatively set in the round, the eleven members of the cast played fifty different characters between them, including:

Sian Elliott:                              Mary
Stuart Scott:                           Joseph, Shepherd
Emily London:                        Isaac, David, Sheep, Balthazar
Keith Jeremiah:                     Joseph’s brother, Minister of Justice, Israelite Warrior
John Heather:                        Herod, Abraham
Ian-Paul Munday:                 Goliath, Shepherd, Commander of the soldiers
Viki Jones:                              Shepherd, Villager, Prostitute, Sarah
Ruth Aylward:                       Solomon, Villager, Waterseller, Caspar
James Neary:                         Donkey, Ezra, Benjamin, Spy
Samantha Ellery:                   Angel Gabriel, Samaritan, Melchior
Richard Barrett:                    Mary’s father, Israelite warrior, Solomon’s officer


Assistant Director:                  Sandie Campbell
Stage Director:                         John Heather
Set Design:                               John Heather
Lighting Designer:                   Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer:                      Ian James
Special Construction:              Andrew Heather, John Heather, Derek Melluish
Stage Manager:                       Liane Marchant
Assistant Stage Managers:    Amy Burnell, Patricia Matthews
Stage Crew:                             Derek Melluish
Lighting Assistant:                  Sam Tanner
Sound Assistant:                     Sharon Fowler
Props:                                       Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                                Margaret Uzzell, Joan Martin
Prompt:                                    Nikki Packham, Mary Ransome

House Manager:                      John Heather
Refreshments:                         Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle:                                       Eve Stone
Box Office:                               Margaret Uzzell
Programme/Poster Design:  Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:                 John Guttridge

Humble Boy | October 2007

By Charlotte Jones. Directed by Howard James.

Unified Field research fellow, Felix Humble, returns from Cambridge to his middle England home following the sudden death of his father.

However, he soon finds that his difficult and demanding mother has removed all traces of his father.

After further domestic revalations he soon realises that unity must include his own home life. 

The action takes place in a country garden in the Cotswolds during one summer.


Felix Humble:       Alec Raemers
Mercy Lott:           Nikki Packham
Flora Humble:       Valerie Simpson
Jim:                         Bernard Hemsley
George Pye:          Pieter Jan Swinge
Rosie Pye:              Janet Sharrock


Lighting Designer:                      David Hart
Sound Designer:                         Mike Walker
Stage Director/Set Designer:   Bernard Hemsley
Set Decor:                                   Adrian Pope
Set Construction:                       Bernard Hemsley & T62 members
Stage Manager:                         Heather London
Asst Stage Manager:                 Emily London
Wardrobe:                                  Margaret Uzzell
Props:                                          Sally Guttridge
Prompt:                                       Nina James, Maggie Hoyle
Asst Director:                             Sandie Campbell
Lighting Assistant:                    Sam Tanner
Special construction:                 Peter Campbell

House Manager:                         John Heather
Refreshments:                            T62 members
Raffle:                                          Eve Stone
Box Office:                                   Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:      Graham Copeland
Programme editor:                    John Guttridge


‘Allo ‘Allo | June 2007

By Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft. Directed by Jon Clark.

Based on the long-running BBC Television comedy series, ‘Allo ‘Allo follows the adventures of Rene, a cafe owner in occupied France.

Rene and his wife Edith struggle to keep a priceless portrait of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies by Van Klomp, stolen by the Nazis, hidden in a large sausage in their cellar.

Rene is also hiding two British airmen, and with the help of the French Resistance, tries to repatriate them.

Matters come to a head when news breaks that the Fuhrer is visiting the town, and the cafe quickly becomes filled with folk trying to impersonate Hitler…

Production photos below.
Rene:                                            Del Stone
Edith:                                           Sue Parker-Nutley
Yvette:                                         Susan Adam
Mimi:                                           Amy Burnell
Michelle:                                      Sandie Campbell
Colonel von Strohm:                  Pieter Jan Swinge
Helga:                                           Pauline Whalley
Alberto Bertorelli:                      Howard James
Herr Flick:                                   Paul Marshall
Officer Crabtree:                        Stephen Whalley
Monsieur Leclerc:                      Biff Harrison
Lieutenant Gruber:                   Geoff Dillon 
Madame Fanny:                        Muriel Kidd
General von Smelling:               Bernard Harriss
Plumber:                                     Jon Clark
Resistance Girls:                        Sarah Lewis, Ruth Aylward, Viki Jones
French Peasants:                       Samantha Ellery, Sue Appleyard, James Neary, Peter Bidwell
British Airmen:                          James Neary, James Marchant

Lighting Designer:                      David Hart
Sound Designer:                          Ian James
Choreographer:                           Hollie Campbell
Music Director:                           Biff Harrison
Stage Director/Set Designer:    Adrian Pope
Set Construction:                        Bernard Hemsley, Adrian Pope, members of T62
Stage Manager:                           Liane Marchant
Asst Stage Manager:                  Katherine Whalley
Stage Crew:                                  Louise Messenger, James Marchant
Lighting Assistant:                      Stuart Scott
Sound Assistant:                         Sharon Fowler
Props:                                           Beryl Neal & Karen Kehoe
Wardrobe:                                   Eve Stone, Jon Clark, Margaret Uzzell
Make-up & hair:                         Penny Vetterlein, Jean Golder, Christine Lever
Prompt:                                       Janet Clark

84 Charing Cross Road | April 2007

By Helene Hanff.  Directed by Bill Morley.

Helene Hanff in New York writes witty letters to a bookshop at 84 Charing Cross Road, London, enquiring about second hand books.

Replies are sent by the stodgy and proper Frank Doel.

Helene’s idiosyncratic path through English literature broadens as she grows ever fonder of her friends in England.

The action takes place between 1949-1971 in Helene’s New York apartment, and in Marks & Co, Booksellers, 84 Charing Cross Road, London.


Helene Hanff:                Janet Sharrock
Cecily Farr:                   Caroline Shufflebotham
Maxine Stewart:          Amy Comper
Frank Doel:                   Niall Campbell
William Humphries:    Richard Stewart
Mr Martin:                   Bernard Hemsley


Stage Director:                                 John Heather
Set Design:                                        Bill Morley
Lighting Designer:                           Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer:                              Daniel Whymark
Set construction:                             Bernard Hemsley, John Guttridge & members of T62
Stage Manager:                                Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager:                       Ruth Aylward
Stage crew:                                       Terry Clarke, Sandra Oliver
Lighting Assistant:                           Sharon Fowler
Sound Assistant:                              Sam Tanner
Props:                                                Sally Guttridge
Wardrobe:                                         Eve Stone
Make-up & hair:                               Penny Vetterlein, Jean Golder, Christine Lever
Prompt:                                             Mary Ransom, Penny Vetterlein

House Manager:                               John Heather
Refreshments:                                  Nina James, Ann Herbert
Raffle:                                                 Heather London
Box Office:                                         Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:             Graham Copeland
Programme editor:                           John Guttridge

The Woman In White | February 2007

By Wilkie Collins, adapted by Constance Cox. Directed by Rene Hughes.

This production of The Woman in White was adapted by Constance Cox from Wilkie Collins’ 1860 novel. 

The story is considered to be among the first mystery novels and is widely regarded by many critics as one of the first, and finest, in the genre of ‘sensation novels’, focusing on subject matter such as kidnapping, insanity, forgery and seduction.

The play is set in the Drawing Room of Limmeridge Hall, Cumberland in 1861.


Mrs Vesey:                                     Muriel Kidd
Walter Hartright:                           Ian-Paul Munday
Marion Halcombe:                         Jenny Jones
Mr Gilmore:                                    Ray Harris
Frederick Fairlie:                           Tony Skeggs
Louis:                                               James Neary
Laura Fairlee/Anne Catherick:   Sian Elliott
Sir Percival Glyde:                         Paul Marshall
Count Fosco:                                   Noel Rands
Countess Fosco:                             Janet Clark
Mrs Catherick:                               Sue Parker-Nutley


Stage Director:                                 John Heather
Set Design:                                        Ray Harris
Lighting Designer:                           David Hart
Sound Designer:                               Ian James
Set construction:                             John Heather & members of T62
Set Décor:                                         Members of T62
Backcloth:                                         Jenny Kingman
Stage Manager:                                Liane Marchant
Asst Stage Manager:                       Janet Clark
Stage crew:                                       Beryl Neal, Nina James, Sandie Campbell
Sound Assistant:                              Daniel Whymark
Props:                                                Beryl Neal, Nina James
Wardrobe:                                         Margaret Uzzell
Make-up & hair:                              Jean Golder
Prompt:                                             Heather London

House Manager:                              John Heather
Refreshments:                                 Nina James, Ann Herbert
Raffle:                                                Heather London, Sandie Campbell
Box Office:                                        Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:           Graham Copeland
Programme editor:                         John Guttridge

Cinderella The Sequel | December 2006

By Jackie Staite. Directed by Eve Stone.

Cinderella – The Sequel or How I Ran Away to Join a Pirate Ship and Found True Happiness.

After the traditional story of Cinderella, if you want to know what happens next, ‘the sequel’ provides the answer…

Cinderella has decided that Prince Charming is too boring to marry, so she runs away to join a pirate ship. However, Baron Hardup, the ugly sisters, the Prince, Dan O’Deeny follow her to bring her back.

Along the way Cinderella meets lots of new characters, including a swashbuckling pirate and the Old Man of the Sea. The ship sails to Mexico where pretty girls, bandits and lots more adventures await…

Cast (in no particular order):

Cinderella:                               Caroline Olson
Baron Hardup:                        Dennis Packham
Fairy Godmother:                  Nikki Packham
Prince Charming:                    Richard Stewart
Dan O’Deeny:                           Stephen Whalley
Gorgeous Gertie:                    Del Stone
Delectable Delia:                     Nigel London
Stepmother:                            Muriel Kidd
Pirate Captain:                        Ian-Paul Munday
Second Mate:                           Jim Judd
Maria/Pirate:                          Susan Adam
Old Man of the Sea:                Peter Bidwell
Bandit/Pirate:                         David Kinch
First Mate/Carlos/Priest:     Pieter Jan Swinge
Pirate/Senorita:                      Jessie Giacomazzi
Mexixan Pedlar/Conchita:    Viki Jones
Isabella/Pirate:                       Amy Burnell
Pedro/Pirate:                          Gordon Watt
Florentine:                                Lyn Thorpe
Margarita/Pirate:                    Sharon Fowler
Press Stud:                               James Neary
Miranda/Pirate:                      Ruth Hamilton
French Tart:                             Sandie Campbell
Pirate/Senorita:                       Marie Longhurst


Stage Director:                          Del Stone
Set Design:                                 Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer:                    David Hart
Sound Designer:                        Mike Walker
Choreographer:                         Hollie Campbell
Set construction:                       Members of T62
Stage Manager:                         Heather London
Asst Stage Manager:                Ruth Aylward
Stage crew:                                Sylvia Snipp
Sound Assistant:                       Daniel Whymark
Props:                                         Patricia Melluish, Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                                  Eve Stone assisted by Margaret Uzzell & Joan Martin
Make-up & hair:                        Jean Golder assisted by Christine Lever, Felicity Lever, Emily London, Carolyn Taylor, Penny Vetterlein
Prompt:                                       Mary Ransom
Musical Accompanist:                Bernard John
Guest Vocalist:                            Carole Fisher-Grant
Technical Support:                     Ian James

House Manager:                         John Heather
Refreshments:                            Ann Herbert
Raffle:                                           Patricia Melluish
Box Office:                                   Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:      Graham Copeland
Programme editor:                    John Guttridge

A Doll’s House | October 2006

By Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Frank McGuiness. Directed by Paul Marshall.

Nora leaves her husband after realising that her role in the marriage is that of a doll and her home is a doll’s house.

Her husband’s disgust on discovering she had committed forgery, to obtain money in order to save his life, causes her to search for a better life in her own right. 

The action takes place in the sitting room of the Helmer’s apartment in a small town in Norway. It is Christmas 1879.


Torvald Helmer:           Alec Raemers
Nora Helmer:                Caron Kehoe
Kristine Linde:              Janet Sharrock
Nils Krogstad:               John Oakenfull
Dr Rank:                        Raymond Langford Jones
Anne-Marie, Nanny:   Sue Parker-Nutley
Helene, Maid:               Frances Riddough
Bob:                                Benjamin Grice
Ivan:                              George Robins
Emma:                           Stacey Matthews


Set Design:                                           Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer:                               David Hart
Sound Designer:                                  Ian James
Stage Director:                                    Bernard Hemsley
Set construction:                                 Richard Barrett, Peter Bidwell, John Guttridge, Robin Kirby, Adrian Pope, Bernard Hemsley
Special construction:                          Ray Harris
Stage Manager:                                   Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager:                          Barbara Gadsden, Caroline George
Choreographer:                                   Penny Heather
Stage crew:                                          Andrew Heather
Lighting Assistant:                              Michael Warner
Sound Assistant:                                 Daniel Whymark
Props:                                                   Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                                            Margaret Uzzell, Rene Hughes
Make-up & hair:                                  Penny Vetterlein, Christine Lever
Prompt:                                                 Nina James

House Manager:                                  John Heather
Refreshments:                                     Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle:                                                   Sally Guttridge
Box Office:                                            Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:               Graham Copeland
Programme editor:                             John Guttridge

The Hollow Crown | June 2006

Devised by John Barton. Directed by Raymond Langford Jones.

The Hollow Crown: the fall and foibles of the Kings and Queens of England.

Readers and singers:

Susan Adam, Ruth Aylward,
Alexander (Felix) Catto,
Muriel Kidd, John Oakenfull, Arthur Rochester,
Pauline Sammon, Burtie Welland.

Music Director: Anne Greenidge

Crisis? What Crisis? (see below)


Lighting Designer:        Andrew Herbert
Stage Director:              Bernard Hemsley
Set Designer:                 Raymond Langford Jones
Set Decor:                      Adrian Pope
Set construction:           Members of T62
Stage Manager:             Sally Guttridge
Wardrobe:                      Margaret Uzzell

House Manager:            John Heather
Refreshments:               Ann Herbert, Nina James
Box Office:                      Margaret Uzzell
Raffle:                             Liane Marchant
Poster/programme design: Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:       John Guttridge

Separate Tables | April 2006

By Terence Rattigan. Directed by Patricia Melluish.

Separate Tables is a study of the lies, class judgements and repressed passions of the long-term residents of the Beauregard Private Hotel in Bournemouth.

Miss Cooper, manageress of the hotel, cannot remain aloof from the residents’ troubles.

An estranged husband and wide are reunited and two despairing misfits are drawn together as she gives the residents courage to face life.

Set between 1954-1956 in the dining room and lounge.


Mabel:                                  Janet Clark
Lady Matheson:                 Penny Vetterlein
Mrs Railton-Bell:                Rene Hughes
Miss Meacham:                  Jean Golder
Doreen:                                Ruth Clarke
Mr Fowler:                          Tony Skeggs
Mrs Shankland:                  Caroline Shufflebotham
Miss Cooper:                       Pauline Whalley
Mr Malcolm:                        Del Stone
Charles Stratton:                Richard Barrett
Jean Tanner:                       Jenny Jones
Major Pollock:                     John Heather
Miss Railton-Bell:               Janet Sharrock


Set Designer:                        Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer:               David Hart
Sound Designer:                   Ian James
Stage Director:                     John Heather
Stage Manager:                    Liane Marchant
Asst Stage Manager:           Ann Herbert
Set construction:                  Members of T62
Stage Crew:                          Amy Clarke, Derek Melluish
Lighting Assistant:              Sam Tanner
Sound Assistant:                  Daniel Whymark
Props:                                    Ann Herbert, Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                            Margaret Uzzell
Make-up & wigs:                 Penny Vetterlein, Jean Golder
Prompt:                                 Nina James

House Manager:                  John Heather
Refreshments:                     Nina James, Ann Herbert
Raffle:                                    Eve Stone
Box Office:                            Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design: Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:              John Guttridge

Rebecca | February 2006

By Daphne du Maurier, adapted by Clifford Williams. Directed by Muriel Kidd.

Max de Winter’s new bride arrives at Manderley to find the house filled with the presence of Rebecca, his first wife, whose memory is perpetuated by Mrs Danvers, the housekeeper.

The second Mrs de Winter begins to doubt her husband’s love until she uncovers the truth about Rebecca’s death.

The action takes place in the hall of Manderley, Cornwall, the home of Maxim de Winter, in early summer, some years before the second World War. 


Frifth, the Butler:        John Heather
Beatrice Lacey:            Janet Clark
Giles Lacey:                 Bernard Harriss
Frank Crawley:           Nigel London
Maxim de Winter:       Paul Marshall
Mrs de Winter:           Sarah-Jane Gumm
Mrs Danvers:              Carolyn Taylor
Robert:                         Christopher Stewart
Jack Favell:                 Howard James
Colonel Julyan:            Ray Harris
William Tabb:             Dennis Packham


Lighting Designer:      Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer:          Daniel Whymark
Set Designer:               Adrian Pope
Stage Director:            Bernard Hemsley
Stage Manager:           Heather London
Set decor:                     Adrian Pope
Set construction:         Bernard Hemsley, John Heather, Danny Lane, members of T62
Stage Assistants:        Ruth Aylward, Emily London, Christopher Stewart
Lighting Assistant:     Sam Tanner
Technical Support:     Ian James
Props:                           Jim Judd
Wardrobe:                   Margaret Uzzell, Joan Martin
Make-up & wigs:        Penny Vetterlein, Jean Golder  
Prompt:                        Claire Morris

House Manager:          John Heather
Refreshments:             Ann Herbert
Raffle:                           Sally Guttridge
Box Office:                   Margaret Uzzzell
Poster/programme design: Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:    John Guttridge