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How are we managed?

An elected Board manages the affairs of Theatre 62.  The Board are the Trustees of Wickham Theatre Trust acting together as the Board of Directors of Wickham Theatre Trust Ltd.

All the functions, responsibilities and activities of Wickham Theatre Trust are controlled and directed, supervised and managed by the Board.  Particular functions, responsibilities and activities are allocated to be the remit of particular members of the Board.  An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held every year.

The Trustees for 2021-22

ChairJanet Clark
Vice ChairDiana Quinn
SecretaryPauline Wathen
Board MembersRob Chambers
Laura Gamble
Christine Lever
Paul Newton
Pieter Swinge

Other roles

TreasurerIan Wathen
Artistic LeadRob Chambers
Publicity Laura Gamble
MembershipIan James

Key documents

Wickham Theatre Trust/Theatre 62 Personal Data Policy & Privacy Statement

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