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Neighbourhood Watch by Alan Ayckbourn - posterAuditions for Alan Ayckbourn’s Neighbourhood Watch

Director: Nikki Packham

Audition dates:

Sunday 4th June at 2.00pm

Tuesday 6th June at 7.45pm

Thursday 8th June at 7.45pm

And Sunday 11th June at 2.00pm should the Director need to
recall anyone.

Brother and sister Martin and Hilda Massie move into the new Bluebell Hill development and whilst they want to enjoy a peaceful existence, they feel that a small housewarming gathering in order to meet the neighbours, would be a Christian thing to do. However, their new world doesn’t remain peaceful for long…

Playing dates: 25th – 30th September.

Rehearsals start: August 8th.

HILDA MASSIE – Older sister to Martin. Has never married, seemingly unassuming and ordinary, but passion lurks beneath her quiet exterior.  Playing age 50s.

MARTIN MASSIE – Younger brother to Hilda. Seems wedded to his Christian beliefs and loves Monty, his childhood gnome; however he is still susceptible to the charms of the fairer sex. Playing age 40s.

 N.B.There is an almost childlike quality about Hilda and Martin.

ROD TRUSSER – Well built, energetic and fit for his age. After leaving the army was in security. Hasn’t a good word to say for the Councillor Mountjoy Estate, thinks everyone carries arms, though prone to exaggeration. Married, but wife appears to have left him. Playing age 60s.

DOROTHY DOGGETT – A widow who tends to agree with Rod. Worked on the local paper before it folded. A gossip. Playing age 60s.

GARETH JANNER – Welshman, rather shy and appears to be in Rod’s shadow. Married to Amy, but doesn’t know how to handle her.  Playing age 40s.

AMY JANNER – Attractive, bored with Gareth, so looks elsewhere. Knows exactly what the neighbours think of her.  Playing age 30s.

MAGDA BRADLEY – Hilda and Martin’s next door neighbour. Music teacher. Rather vulnerable and appears to be afraid of her husband. Playing age 20s/30s.

LUTHER BRADLEY – married to Magda. Quick-tempered and could be violent. Playing age 30s.

For more information, or you’d like can’t attend an audition, please contact Nikki, the Director, via



img_8739Auditions for Comfort and Joy

by Mike Harding

Director: Sandie Campbell

Read-through: Tuesday 11th July 7.45 p.m. (everyone welcome)

Friday 21st July 7.45 pm

Monday 7th August 7.45 pm

Tuesday 8th August 7.45 pm

Thursday 10th August 7.45 pm

Production dates: Monday 4 – Saturday 9 December

Synopsis here


MARTIN He is in his fifties. Accent: Irish (but not heavy – from Dublin).  Has been in Britain for more than 30 years. Site Manager for big construction firm. Quick witted. Very likeable but prone to talk politics when under the influence.

MARGARET Martin’s wife of similar age. Accent: Northern. Goff’s niece.  Sometimes referred to as Peggy by Martin. Works as a secretary in a wholesale stationers. The focus of her life is her family.

HELEN Martin and Margaret’s daughter. Late twenties. Accent: Northern. Teaches English at a school in Yorkshire. Pretty and intelligent; she has a wicked dry sense of humour. Into aromatherapy, quite hippy-like and earth Mother-ish in her dress sense.

GOFF is Margaret’s Uncle. Accent: Northern. In his 70s but fit and spry. Retired railwayman. Bit of a likeable rogue but has terrible habit of repeating himself. He is a Lord of Misrule and takes no prisoners but has soft underbelly.

KATHY Helen’s sister, two years older. Accent: Has purposely lost her accent and tries to talk very ‘posh’ (to fit in with London life). Lives in London working as a funding officer for various Art Projects. Style: Queen.  Post-Modern and a feminist and is often more than anybody can handle. Is brittle & pretentious. Clothes very much whatever is ‘in’.

CRISPIN Kathy’s ‘friend’. Mid 30s. Accent: Public school. Arts administrator and (ex public school). From the home counties. Tries hard to be eclectic but his background comes through all the time.

*JIMMY Fiona’s husband.  In his 50s. The man who ran off to Australia with Goff’s daughter Fiona. Accent:  Mainly northern with the odd ‘twang’ of Australian. Cheerful in many ways but very much a product of the ‘I went to Australia and made my way’ school.

*FIONA in her 50s. Goff’s daughter. Married to Jimmy. Accent: Australian with glimpses of the North.  Fiona has not weathered well and is quite slow on the uptake.

*Accent: This may be a challenge too far for the actor so it may work that Fiona speaks with a Northern accent and now and then an Australian accent rears it’s ugly head (much to the disgust of the family)

Both Jimmy and Fiona both try to ‘embrace’ the Australian accent however they simply cannot quite pull it off.

MONICA & CHAPMAN  Retired middle class couple from Middle England. Dress modestly, but expensively and their appearance is very clean, neat & shiny. They are however, barking mad. (Small parts) but very funny!

PAT (Woman) & HUGHIE (Man)  50s . Accent: Northern. Pat is very sharp. Hughie is gormless and vacant so one suspects nothing going on inside his head. (Small parts).  Could be played by actors who play Monica and Chapman? 

x2 children (one line at end of play). However, this may prove to be impossible, so watch this space.

All actors can be made to look older/younger, so don’t be put off too much by the ages stipulated.

For more information, or you’d like can’t attend an audition, please contact Sandie, the Director, at


My Boy Jack castAuditions at Theatre 62

Auditions take place in advance of productions to allow the Director to assemble the cast.  Each Director has his/her own way of auditioning; some prefer to read straight from the text, others choose to try improvisation; some a mixture of both.  Auditions can often be a lot of fun, and gives an actor a chance to try out for different parts.

At Theatre 62 we like to welcome new faces to the stage as well as longer-standing regulars.  Most auditions are ‘open’, which means non-members are welcome to come along and audition. If you are successful you will need to join Theatre 62 as a Full Member.

Auditions are held at Wickham Theatre Centre, location here.