Auditions for Honeymoon Suite

By Richard Bean. Directed by Nikki Packham

Read through
Monday 22 July 7.30 p.m.

Friday 26 July 7.30 p.m.
Sunday 28 July 2.00 p.m.

Please let Nikki know if you are interested but can’t make either of the auditions.  Email or phone 020 3489 1262 or 07752 210 244

Please note: Rehearsals will start on TUESDAY 22ND OCTOBER and because we will lose the previous week, rehearsals will be on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, plus some extra Sundays.

Also, possible read through on Sunday 22nd September & discussion/rehearsal on Sunday 20th October.

Set in the same bedroom of a Bridlington hotel – northern accents required – it tells the story of one married couple.  Eddie and Irene are both young and on their honeymoon in the 1950s. “Tits” and “Izzie” are in their forties and celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary there in the 80s. Eddie and Marfleet are in their 60s, long separated and attempting to come to an amicable divorce in the present day.  The three couples are the same people at different stages of their lives and are all onstage together, which makes for some deeply poignant moments and some very funny ones.  The plot involves arson, manslaughter and infidelity, so what’s not to like?

What has stopped Eddie in his entrepreneurial tracks, turning him from a successful fish merchant into a semi-derelict shop lifter? How did Irene, the daughter of a trawler deck hand, become a baroness?

Come to the read through and you’ll find out.

Characters are as follows: –

Eddie Whitehead  playing age 18 newly married

Irene Whitehead  playing age 18 in 1955

He’s a “jack the lad”, she’s an innocent young thing and brighter than him.

Tits (Eddie)  playing age 43. Same characters, still married

Izzy (Irene)   playing age 43, but the honeymoon is over 25 years later in 1980

Eddie  playing age 68 Still married but alone in 2005

Irene (Baroness Marfleet) playing age 68 Still married to Eddie and has done very well for herself by 2005

These characters are flawed, funny and fabulous to play.

Scripts will be up at the theatre; please ensure you sign the card before  taking one away and PLEASE RETURN IT EITHER AT THE READTHROUGH OR THE AUDITION.

Do come and tackle one of Richard Bean’s (One Man, Two Governors) early plays – we will have a lot of fun with it!

Nikki Packham



Auditions at Theatre 62

Auditions take place in advance of productions to allow the Director to assemble their cast.

Theatre 62 holds a read-through ahead of auditions to allow interested auditionees to better familiarise themselves with the play and to meet the Director.

Each Director has her/his own way of auditioning; some prefer to read straight from the text, others choose to try improvisation; some a mixture of both.  Auditions can often be a lot of fun, and gives an actor a chance to try out for different parts.

At Theatre 62 we like to welcome new faces to the stage as well as longer-standing regulars.  Most auditions are ‘open’, which means non-members are welcome to come along and audition.  However, if you are successful you will need to join Theatre 62 as a Full Member.

Auditions are held at Wickham Theatre Centre, location here.