Auditions for Bazaar and Rummage

By Sue Townsend. Directed by Janet Clark

Read through
Monday 3 June 7.30 p.m.

Friday 7 June 7.30 p.m.
Sunday 9 June 2.00 p.m.

In Sue Townsend’s heartfelt comedy, three agoraphobic women leave their homes for the first time in years and make it to a jumble sale. The sale has been organised by their social workers and as the afternoon progresses, the distinctions between them and the anxious people they are supposed to be looking after becomes less clear.

There are five wonderful parts for women, each with their own characters. All acting ages can re-arranged so please don’t let that stop you auditioning, although something around the ages would be good.

This play was written in the early eighties so some of the language may not be acceptable today, so where possible and necessary, appropriate language will be substituted.

Margaret working class, agoraphobic for 15 years. Acting ages 40-50 years

Bell-Bell an obsessionally clean agoraphobic. Ages 40-50

Fliss Youngish trainee social worker. Acting age: variable

Gwenda a middle aged volunteer social worker, ex-agoraphobic. Age: middle-aged upwards

Katrina agoraphobic, ex-variety ‘songstress’, loves Barry Manilow. Middle-aged

WPC very small part, appears in the last two pages

If you would like to audition but cannot make the dates please contact Janet Clark


Auditions at Theatre 62

Auditions take place in advance of productions to allow the Director to assemble their cast.

Theatre 62 holds a read-through ahead of auditions to allow interested auditionees to better familiarise themselves with the play and to meet the Director.

Each Director has her/his own way of auditioning; some prefer to read straight from the text, others choose to try improvisation; some a mixture of both.  Auditions can often be a lot of fun, and gives an actor a chance to try out for different parts.

At Theatre 62 we like to welcome new faces to the stage as well as longer-standing regulars.  Most auditions are ‘open’, which means non-members are welcome to come along and audition.  However, if you are successful you will need to join Theatre 62 as a Full Member.

Auditions are held at Wickham Theatre Centre, location here.