Dial M for Murder

By Frederick Knott.  Directed by Richard Webb.

Tuesday 9th October 2018 at 7:30 pm

Friday 12th October 2018 at 8pm
Saturday 20th October 2018 at 3pm


Tony (aged 25-35)

Former Tennis Champion, athletic and fit build, charming sociopath, liar and resourceful. Married his wife for her inheritance and plans to kill her for the same. He is selfish and arrogant. Knows about his wife’s misdemeanours.

Margot (20-30)

Tony’s wife has inherited money. She is naive, gullible and sweet. She is bored married to Tony and is now having a sneaky relationship with her ex lover Max. Has no idea that Tony is aware of her affairs. Nor does she expect her attempted murder. The character for Margot should be aware that there will be quite a brutal scene involved for this character. So be prepared for strong emotion and physical requirements.

Max (25-45)

American accent required, any type is fine. He is Margot’s secret lover and former boyfriend. Trying to persuade her to teave Tony and marry him. He is still in love with Margot and visits the couple in London.

Lesgate (25-35)

The accomplice of Tony. Petty criminal/probable murderer. Tony blackmails Lesgate to kill Margot. Smarmy and nervous, think weasel. He seems willing to do anything if the price is right! The character for Lesgate should be aware that there will be quite a brutal scene involved for this character. So be prepared for strong emotion and physical requirements.

Hubbard (30+)

Police detective, thorough, eccentric, thoughtful, observant, compassionate. Determined to find the truth.


In London, 1952, the wealthy Margot Wendice has convinced her professional tennis player husband, Tony, to give up playing to spend more time with her. He now sells sports equipment, and, to Margot, their life together is a happy one. However, he has discovered that while he was on a tennis tour in the United States several years ago, Margot had an affair with an American murder mystery writer named Max Halliday.

Because he wants revenge as well as her money, Tony meticulously plans Margot’s murder. She has no idea that Tony knows of her past affair, nor does she have any suspicion that he is planning to kill her. Max comes to London to visit the couple, and Tony uses this as the opportunity to fulfil his plan.

Tony blackmails a man who calls himself Captain Lesgate, a former schoolmate and convicted criminal, to carry out the scheme. They plan what they believe is the perfect murder. But when Margot refuses to play the part of the victim, things go very differently.



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