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By David Storey.  Directed by David Page

As five apparently unrelated characters meet in a seemingly insignificant garden, the autumnal sun shines overhead and everybody waits for rain.

What they discuss is superficially anything that can pass the time. What is portrayed is the very essence of England, Englishness, class, unfulfilled ambition, loves lost and homes that no longer exist.

“a play…of haunting, elegiac power” The Guardian



Coming in April: Jane Eyre

A beloved classic and undisputed masterpiece, Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre explores class, society, love and religion through the eyes of one of fiction’s most unique and memorable female protagonists.

This is a modern interpretation of a timeless classic and although challenging, with many roles doubling, should provide performers and audience alike with a truly exciting and dramatic experience.



BouncersComing in June: Bouncers Remix

Bouncers shows a night on the tiles from the point of view of the men on the door.

It is a funny, energetic piece of highly theatrical storytelling where the men are at once themselves and every character they happen to meet on a night at work at the nightclub.

Auditions: late winter 2020