Dessert is served from 29th April

Box Office open

“Dessert is a bit of guilty treat” The Independent, July 2017

With darkly comic moments and unexpected twists, this is a powerful, thought-provoking play about wealth, greed and the lengths to which people will go to claim what’s theirs.

A British financier and his wife host a lavish dinner party for their affluent American friends in their country house.  The food is delicious, the conversation animated.  And then dessert arrives.  From one moment to another, the evening takes a sinister and alarming turn.




Coming in July Just the Ticket

Box Office opens 1st June

Susan, an eccentric, untidy, endlessly chatty woman is on a mission to find happiness.  She’s on her way back to Australia to rekindle her memories of a trip she made many years ago.  Will she find love second time? Will she stay on? Can she figure out the toaster?




Coming in September Bazaar and Rummage

In the this heartfelt comedy, Gwenda, an ex-agoraphobic, leads a self-help group of three women who have been unable to leave their homes for a variety of reasons.  She persuades them to help at a local bazaar, enlisting the support of Fliss, a trainee social-worker.

While sorting through the rummage their individual fears come to the surface – but calm is restored by the ever-sensible Fliss.