Wickham Theatre Centre (Theatre 62) is a community club in West Wickham, Bromley, Kent with its own flexible studio space. 


Box Office now open for Communicating Doors by Alan Ayckbourn

Best availability: Saturday.  Details here

A dominatrix is hired for an elderly man by the hotel caretaker, but the man doesn’t want her services.  Instead she stumbles into a murder plot that sends her, compliments of a unique door, travelling back in time.  But can she escape with her own life and go back to rescue the victims before they are killed?

This clever play has echoes of Back to the Future and the time-plays of JB Priestley.  But Ayckbourn uses the plot to impart the cheering message that foreknowledge enables destiny to be altered.


Coming in June Di and Viv and Rose

It’s 1984 and, as Prince says, ‘Let’s Go Crazy’.  This hilarious and heart-warming comedy features three fun-loving young women, house-sharing for the first time.

The play is a thoughtful exploration of friendship’s impact on life, and life’s impact on friendship.