The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge | December 2008

By Mark Brown. Directed by Janet Clark.

The continuation of Dickens’s Christmas story sees Scrooge one year after he learned the lesson of goodwill to all.

Now the setting is a court of law, where he has sued the ghosts for kidnapping, breaking and entering, trespassing, stalking and emotional distress.

This is a family comedy which ends with an ingenious moral twist. 

The action takes place in a London courtroom on Christmas Eve 1844.


The Bailiff:                                                                        Del Stone
Solomon Rothschild:                                                        Paul Marshall
Bob Cratchit/Jacob Marley:                                          Tony Skeggs
Mrs Cratchit/Sara Wainwright/The Translator:        Sue Parker-Nutley
The Ghost of Christmas Past:                                        Eve Stone
Judge Pearson:                                                                 John Heather
Ebenezer Scrooge:                                                           Nigel London
Fred:                                                                                  Bernard Hemsley
Mrs Dilber/The Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come:    Carolyn Taylor
Fan/Bell:                                                                            Sandie Campbell
Public Gallery:                                                                  Pauline Gregoire, Derek Melluish, Patricia Melluish, Beryl Neal


Stage Director:                         Bernard Hemsley
Set Design/construction:        Bernard Hemsley, Danny Lane
Set Decor:                                 Adrian Pope, T62 members
Lighting Designer:                   Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer:                      Ian James
Stage Manager:                       Liane Marchant
Asst Stage Manager:               Patricia Matthews
Technical Asst:                        Jon Lewis
Sound Assistant:                     Sharon Fowler
Props:                                       Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                                Margaret Uzzell, Joan Martin, Valerie Polydorou
Make-Up & Hair:                    Jean Golder, Christine Lever, Penny Vetterlein
Prompt:                                    Heather London

House Manager:                       John Heather
Refreshments:                         Nina James
Raffle:                                        Eve Stone
Box Office:                                Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:   Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:                 John Guttridge