Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass | December 2002

By Lewis Carroll, dramatised by Clemence Dane. Directed by John Heather.

Lewis Carroll’s fantastic tales of Alice’s dreamworld of Wonderland, the people she meets including the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, March Hare.

Together with her adventures Through the Looking Glass, she meets similarly well-loved characters. This is a story which enchants adults and children of all ages. 

 This production included a large cast of all ages including twelve members of First Act (which later became known as Dramalab), some of whom appear in future Theatre 62 productions.

Photos below

Cast includes

Lewis Carroll                   Ray Harris
Duchess                            Viki Jones
Prima                                Charlotte Longford
Cook                                  Joy Judd
Secunda                            Christie Neville
Cheshire Cat                    Mary Rogers
Alice                                  Emily London or Amy Harvey
White Rabbit                   James Molkenthin
March Hare                     Karen Heather
Mad Hatter                      Robert Heather
Doormouse                       Hazel Dales
Mouse/Jury                     Lauren Stocker
Lory/Jury                        Lorette Neville
Duck/Jury                        Amy Iaciofano
DoDo/Jury                       Rosemary Harris
Eagle/Jury                       Danielle Grainger
Old Crab/Jury                 Janet Clark
Yound Crab/Jury            Samantha Hand
Caterpillar/Jury              Laura Dinnage
Fish Footman                   Emily Thompson
Frog Footman                  Jim Judd
7 of Spades                       Nicholas Wilcox
5 of Spades                       Matthew Rolfe
2 of Spades                       Christopher Davies
Queen of Hearts              Carolyn Taylor
King of Hearts                  Ray Harris
Gryphon                           Jon Clark
Mock Turtle                     Penny Vetterlein
Guinea Pig                        Vita Thorpe
Knave of Hearts               Ian-Paul Munday
Red Queen                        Muriel Kidd
Tweedledum                    Matthew Rolfe
Tweedledee                      Christopher Davies
White Queen                    Nikki Packham
Sheep                                 Jean Golder
Humpty Dumpty             Philip Cohen
White King                        Tony Skeggs
White Knight                    Dennis Packham

Set designer                     John Heather
Lighting                             Ian James
Sound                                Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager                 Sally Guttridge
ASM                                   Jenny Jones
Set construction              T62 members
Set décor                           Stella Harvey
Lighting Asst                    David Hart
Sound Asst                       Andrew Herbert
Props                                 Joan Martin, Sally Guttridge with Maureen Taylor & Samantha Hand
Props construction          Bernard Hemsley, John Guttridge, Robert Heather
Wardrobe                         Margaret Uzzell with Pam Grafham & Polly Hart
Make Up                           Penny Vetterlein with Jean Golder and Hannah Green
Prompt                             Lesley Jopling
Children’s chaperone      Heather London

House Manager               Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                  Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle                                 Eve Stone
Box Office                         Margaret Uzzell
Poster design                   Adrian Pope
Programme Editior         Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design         Graham Copeland

The Cemetery Club | October 2002

By Ivan Menchell.  Directed by Denise Taylor.

In this funny, wise and witty play Sam, whilst in the cemetery visiting his wife’s grave, meets three widows similarly visiting their husband’s graves.

After exchanging initial pleasantries the conversation deepens.

The three widows respond to Sam’s advances and Ida, Doris and Lucille’s lives are changed forever.

The action takes place in Ida’s living room and a cemetery in Forest Hills, Queens, New York, between September and November in the late 1980’s.

Ida                    Nikki Packham
Lucille              Muriel Kidd
Doris                Patricia Melluish
Sam                  Maurice Uzzell
Mildred            Rene Hughes

Set design                      Stella Harvey
Lighting Designer         David Hart
Sound Designer            Alice London
Stage Manager             Heather London
ASM                               Nick Wilcox
Set construction           Bernard Hemsley, T62 members
Set décor                       Stella Harvey
Technical Assistant      Ian James
Props                             Jim Judd with Emily London
Wardrobe                      members of the cast
Additional dresses Joan Martin and Margaret Uzzell
Prompt                          Phyllis Bardell

House Manager            Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments               Nina Jame
Raffle                              Eve Stone
Box Office                      Margaret Uzzell
Programme editor       Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design      Graham Copeland

Uncle Vanya | June 2002

By Anton Chekov. Directed by Paul Marshall.

In the depth of the Russian countryside Vanya manages the estate of a retired professor and loves his young wife.

She is attracted to the doctor who attends her husband and does not return Vanya’s love.

The season ends, the family returns to the city and life continue its familiar round.

 The play is set on the country estate in the garden, dining room, drawing room and Uncle Vanya’s room. It is 1901.


Marina                                                              Rene Hughes
Milhail Lvovich Astrov                                   Alec Raemers
Ivan Petrovich Voinitsky (Uncle Vanya)     David Pollard
Aleksandra Vladimirovich Serebryakov      Maurice Uzzell
Yelena Andreyevna                                         Linda Harris
Sofya Aleksandrovna                                      Caron Lamond
Ilya IIyich Telyegin                                        David Burrow
Marya Vassileyevna                                       Jean Golder
Yefim & a workman                                        Peter Bidwell

Set designer                                                     Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer                                            Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer                                                Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager                                                 Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager                                        Lisa Davison
Stage crew                                                        Bernard Harriss, Emily London, John Placek, Stuart Scott, Nick Wilcox
Set construction                                               Adrian Pope, Bernard Hemsley
Set décor                                                           T62 members
Props                                                                 Sally Guttridge with Kelly Dibley
Wardrobe                                                         Margaret Uzzell with Rene Hughes
Wigs                                                                   Jean Golder with Jaqui Sirot
Prompt                                                              Alice London

House Manager                                                Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                                                   Joan Martin
Raffle                                                                 John Guttridge
Box Office                                                         Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                                                   Adrian Pope
Programme Editor                                          Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design                                         Graham Copeland

The Farndale Avenue…Macbeth | April 2002

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of Macbeth. By David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jnr. Directed by Ray Harris.

The enthusiastic Farndale Avenue ladies hope the originality of their production of Macbeth will get them, with the help of their producer, Mr Plummer, to the finals at Welwyn Garden City.

Alas, events conspire against them and they fall at the last hurdle.

Whilst the plot is a familiar one of amateurs hopelessly out of their league, the writing is brisk with many puns alng the way (“Macbeth: How goes the night? Boy: “the moon is down” cue hardboard moon crashing to the floor).

The action takes place in the church hall of Our Lady of Cappuccino Arabica Avenue West  Hamwick.

Gwynneth                    Stella Harvey
Mrs Reece                    Rosemary Harris
Henry                           Dennis Packham
George Peach              Philip Cohen
Felicity                         Viki Jones
Dawn                            Heather London
Kate                              Tricia Melluish
Minnie                          Maureen Taylor
Thelma                         Penny Vetterlein
Mr Plummer               John Heather
Mrs Dabney                Phyllis Bardell

Set designer                          Ray Harris
Lighting Designer                 David Hart
Sound Designer                     Ian James
Stage Manager                      Alice London
Associate Stage Manager    Ann Herbert
Assistant Stage Managers   Kate Lemmon, Stuart Scott
Set construction                    T62 members
Set décor                                Caroline Fuller, Stella Harvey
Props                                      Joan Martin
Wardrobe                               Jaqui Sirot with Pat King, Brenda Noble, Carolyn Taylor
Make-up                                Jean Golder
Prompt                                   Phyllis Bardell

House Manager                    Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                       Polly Hart
Raffle                                      Maggie Hoyle
Box Office                              Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                        Adrian Pope
Programme Editor               Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design              Graham Copeland

Terra Nova | February 2002

By Ted Tally. Directed by Muriel Kidd.

The epic story of courage by Captain Scott and his companions on their ill-fated expedition to the South Pole. 

All their determination, bravery and heroism could not prevent the enterprise ending in tragedy.

This was an ambitious production, including the use of visual projection slides courtesy of Peter Bidwell, Maggie Hoyle and Ian James. The Antarctic costumes came from Leicester Drama Society and the Norwegian flag was loaned from the Royal Norwegian Embassy. Advice was provided by Dunstable Rep. Theatre.


Capt. R.F.Scott                              Del Stone
Capt. Lawrence Oates                 John Oakenfull
P.O Edward Evans                       David Kinch
Lt. H.Bowers                                 Alex Raemers
Dr. Edward Wilson                       Jon Clark
Roald Amundsen                          Howard James
Kathleen Scott                              Claire Morris

Set designer                                 Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer                        Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer                           Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager                            Sally Guttridge
Set construction                          T62 members
Set décor                                      Adrian Pope & Caroline Fuller
Lighting Asst                               Gemma Betteley
Sound Asst                                   Alice London
Props                                             Joan Martin, Nina James
Wardrobe                                     Jean Golder, Heather Henderson
Make-up                                      Penny Vetterlein
Prompt                                         Joy Judd

House Manager                           Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                              Nina James
Raffle                                             Pauline Whalley
Box Office                                     Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                              Graham Copeland
Programme Editor                      Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design                     Graham Copeland

Bell, Book and Candle | December 2001

By John Van Druten. Directed by Maurice Uzzell.

Gillian is a witch who is interested in Anthony, her upstairs neighbour.

To prevent his immnent engagement to an old school enemy, Gillian casts a spell.

However, Gillian falls in love with Anthony and, as a result, loses her magic powers.

The story is set in Gillian’s flat, near Knightsbridge in London, in the mid-1950’s.

Time: from Christmas Eve to late wintertime 

Gillian Holroyd                      Janet Sharrock
Anthony Henderson             Bernard Harriss
Aunt Queenie                        Jean Golder
Nicky Holroyd                       David Burrow
Sidney Reditch                      David Pollard

Set designer                            Maurice Uzzell
Lighting Designer                   David Hart
Sound Designer                      Ian James
Stage Manager                       Heather London
Asst Stage Manager              Alice London
Set construction                     T62 members
Sound Asst                              Daniel Whymark
Props                                       Joan Martin with Pat King
Wardrobe                                Margaret Uzzell
Prompt                                    Phyllis Bardell

House Manager                     Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                        Nina James
Raffle                                      Ann Herbert
Box Office                              Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                        Graham Copeland
Programme Editor               Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design               Graham Copeland

Abigail’s Party | October 2001

By Mike Leigh. Directed by Jon Clark.

While Abigail, a neighbour’s daughter, gives a party, Beverly, fan of Demis Roussos and appreciator of popular art, entertains hr new neighbours.

Her persistent clichés and fatuous small talk escalate tension which finaly snaps and Beverley’s homelife changes beyond recognition.

The action takes place in Laurence and Beverly’s house, one evening, in the 1970’s. 



Beverly                       Gillian Wastell
Laurence                    Alec Raemers
Angela                        Nikki Kempton
Tony                           Martin Bunyan
Susan                          Susan Adam

Set designer                                Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer                      James Simpson
Sound Designer                          Ian James
Stage Managers & Props          Maggie Hoyle & Nina James
Asst Stage Manager                  Stephen Whalley
Sound Asst                                  Daniel Whymark
Lighting Asst                              Andrew Herbert
Set construction                         Maurice Uzzell & T62 members
Wardrobe                                    Nikki Packham, Margaret Uzzell
Prompt                                        Audrey Smithard

House Manager                         Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                            Brenda Noble
Raffle                                           Pat King
Box Office                                   Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                             Adrian Pope
Programme Editor                    Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design                   Graham Copeland

A Chorus of Disapproval | June 2001

By Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Howard James.

Perceived to be of influence, Guy Jones is courted by members of the Pendon Amateur Light Operatic Society by promotion to the lead in ‘The Beggar’s Opera’.

He is offered sexual favours and various perks, but is shunned when the truth is revealed.

The action takes place in and around Pendon, Bucks, as members of the Pendon Amateur Light Operatic Society progresses from their first rehearsal to a performance.

Photos below.


Guy Jones                               Stephen Kennedy
Dafydd ap Llewellyn              Del Stone
Hannah Llewellyn                  Pauline Whalley
Bridget Bains                          Viki Jones
Mr Ames                                 Bernard John
Ted Washbrook                      Jon Clark
Enid Washbrook                     Eve Stone
Rebecca Huntly-Pike            Muriel Kidd
Jarvis Huntley-Pike              John Oakenfull
Ian Hubbard                           Simon Ward
Crispin Usher                          Andrew Heather
Linda Washbrook                   Jessica Nicol    

Music Director                        Bernard John
Choreographer                       Penny Heather
Set designer                            Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer                   Ian James
Sound Designer                      Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager                       Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager              Stuart Scott with Joanne Burton
Sound Asst                              Adam Bexley
Lighting Asst                          Andrew Herbert
Stage crew                              Gemma Betteley, Alice London, Emily London, James Simpson, Nicholas Wilcox
Set décor & construction       Adrian Pope & T62 members
Props                                        Pat King with Mary Carroll
Wardrobe & wigs                    Eve Stone
Make-up & wigs                     Jean Golder
Make-up Asst                         Nina James
Prompt Joy Judd

House Manager                      Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                         Brenda Noble
Raffle                                        Heather London
Box Office                                Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                          Adrian Pope
Programme Editor                 Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design                Graham Copeland

Let’s Pretend | April 2001

By Vanessa Brooks. Directed by Rosemary Harris.

British pensioners wintering in Majorca at the Hotel Paradise seek to impress their fellow guests by embellishing their life storie and capabilities.

However, with the arrival of a young couple and a near staff riot, they see their layers of self-deceit peel away.

The action takes place at the Hotel Nova Paradise, Palma Nova, Majorca. It spans the evening of the Valentine’s Day dance and fancy hat competition, to one week later besides the pool.


Karen                             Vanessa Noble
Marj                                Jo Stone
Bill                                  David Pollard
Alfred                             Ray Harris
Grace                             Brenda Noble
Melanie                          Lisa Ventham
John                               David Burrow

Set designer                  Ray Harris
Lighting Designer         David Hart
Sound Designer            Ian James
Stage Manager             Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager    Mary Holder
Sound Asst                    Daniel Whymark
Set décor                       Carolyn Fuller
Set construction           David Kinch & T62 members
Props                             Gill Wastell
Wardrobe                      Dorothy McDonald
Make-up                        Jean Golder
Prompt                          Audrey Smithard

House Manager            Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments               Joan Martin & Nina James
Raffle                              Muriel Kidd
Box Office                      Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                Adrian Pope
Programme Editor       Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design      Graham Copeland

Map of the Heart | February 2001

By William Nicholson. Directed by Rene Hughes.

Ruth and Mary are Albie’s wife and lover.

He is a doctor and isdissatisfied with his life so he goes to The Sudan with Mary to perforn charitable work.

When he is taken hostage Ruth and Mary are left to poignantly take stock of their emotions.

The action takes place in England and the Sudan during 1990-1991.



Ruth Steadman                      Pauline Gregoire
Albie Steadman                     Jez Burrows
Sally Steadman                      Jenny Jones
Bernard Fisher                      David Kinch
Angus Ross                             David Pollard
Mary Hanlon                          Janet Sharrock
Andrew Rainer                      Paul Marshall
Smithy                                    Peter Bidwell
June Armitage                       Nikki Packham
Newscaster                             Andrew Herbert
Other parts                            David Burrow, Ian-Paul Munday, Nina Herbert

Set designer                           Maurice Uzzell
Lighting Designer                  David Hart
Sound Designer                      Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager                       Ann Page-Wood
Asst Stage Manager              Pat King
Sound Asst                              Ian James
Lighting Asst                          Dan Terry
Set décor                                 Carolyn Fuller
Set construction                     T62 members
Props                                       Joan Martin with Nina Herbert
Wardrobe                               Margaret Uzzell with Muriel Kidd, Pat King
Prompt                                   Heather London
Organist                                  Henry Fairs
Pianist                                     Doris Meins

House Manager                     Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                        Brenda Noble
Raffle                                       Sally Guttridge
Box Office                               Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                         Jeanette Vale
Programme Editor                Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design               Graham Copeland