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Neville’s Island | April 2003

By Tim Firth. Directed by Bill Morley.

A comedy in think fog.

A team-building exercise in the Lake District by Gordon, Angus, Roy and Neville becomes a near-farcical shipwreck on an island in Derwentwater.

With fog, unfriendly wildlife and being cut off from civilisation, the intended bonding process turns into a humorous fight for survival.

The action takes place on Rampsholme Island, Derwentwater  during a weekend in November.


Neville Sellard               Bernard Harriss
Gordon Ginnit               Del Stone
Roy Nish                        Nigel London
Angus Beaph                 Paul Marshall

Set design                      Maurice Uzzell
Lighting                         Andrew Herbert
Sound                             Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager             Maurice Uzzell
Set construction           T62 members
Set décor                       Caroline Fuller
Props                             Polly Hart
Wardrobe                     Margaret Uzzell
Make-up                       Rachel Philpott
Prompt                          Mary Holder

House Manager            John Guttridge
Refreshments              Ann Herbert
Raffle                             Heather London
Box Office                     Margaret Uzzell
Poster design               Graham Copeland
Programme editor      Maurice Uzzell
Programme design      Graham Copeland

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