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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe | December 2003

By C. S. Lewis, adapted by Adrian Mitchell, with music by Shaun Davey. Directed by Rosemary Harris.

Visit the fantastic and magical land of Narnia with the four children who have passed through the wardrobe gateway.

Meet Aslan, the great King Lion, and wonder at the deadly struggle to free the land from the clutches of the evil White Witch…

…all brought together in this sparkling adaptation of the well-known story.

Set in England and Narnia. 

Photos below.

Peter Pevensie                 James Marchant or James Molkenthin
Susan Pevensie                Emily Thompsonor Hazel Dales
Edmund Pevensie            Christopher Davies or Stefano Nella
Lucy Pevensie                  Lauren Stocker or Amy Harvey

In England…
Air Raid Warden              Jim Judd
Railway Porter                 Daniel Malynn
Ivy                                     Maureen Taylor
Margaret                           Jessica Webb
Betty                                  Lauren Pimblett
Mrs Macready                  Pauline Gregoire
Professor Kirk                  Andrew Herbert
Sighteers                           Noemi Nella, Jane Pimblett, Joy Judd, Maureen Taylor

In Narnia…
Mr Tumnus                       Bill Delieu
White Reindeer                Ashling Hill, Harry Rush
Grumpskin                        Matthew Rolfe
The White Witch              Sue Parker-Nutley
Robin                                 Noemi Nella
Beaver                               Ray Harris  
Mrs Beaver                      Janet Clark
Maugrim                           Daniel Malynn
Father Christmas            Ian-Paul Munday
Reindeer                           Vanessa Charlton
Mother Squirrel               Lauren Pimblett
Baby Squirrel                   Emily Vistuer
Dog Fox                             Jim Judd
Aslan                                 Noel Rands
Dryad                                Maureen Taylor 
Naiad                                 Patricia Matthews
Centaur                             Kishan Patel
Eagles                                Vishaal Patel, Katie Visteur
Leopards                           Jess Barker, Natalie Wall
Witch’s creatures included Jim Judd, Joy Judd
Giant Rumblebuffin        Ian-Paul Munday
Lion                                   Leila Hussein
King Peter                        Nicholas Wilcox
Queen Susan                    Emily London
King Edmund                   Alex Ginn
Queen Lucy                      Ashling Hill

Music Director                 Bernard John
Movement Director        Penny Heather
Set Design                        Ray Harris
Lighting Design               David Hart
Sound Design                   Ian James
Stage Manager                Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager       Liane Marchant
Set construction              Bernard Hemsley, T62 members
Lighting Assistant           Stuart Scott
Sound Assistant              Daniel Whymark
Props                                Joan Martin & Nina James
Wardrobe                         Margaret Uzzell, Vicky Purnell
Make-up                          Jean Golder, Maggie Hoyle, Viki Jones, Caroline Nella, Carolyn Taylor, Denise Taylor
Prompt                             Anne John
Stage crew                       Jess Barker, Nicholas Wilcox, Jo Betteley, Michael Malynn, Alex Ginn, Ian-Paul Munday, Natalie Wall, Amy Vistuer

House Manager               Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                  Ann Herbert, Nina James   
Raffle                                Maggie Hoyle, Muriel Kidd
Box Office                        Margaret Uzzell
Poster artwork               David Funkland
Poster/programme design Graham Copeland
Programme editor          Maurice Uzzell

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