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The Memory of Water | June 2003

By Shelagh Stevenson. Directed by Howard James.

When Mary, Theresa and Catherine meet on the eve of their mother’s funeral, conflicts and tension from the past materialise. 

In this comedy of sparkling exchanges of everyday lies, through humour and depth of compassion, the strains of family relationships are revealed.

 The story is set in a bedroom at winter, over two days.

Time – the present.


Mary                            Sue Williams
Teresa                         Janet Clark
Vi                                 Muriel Kidd
Catherine                    Vikki Jones
Mike                            Jack Wilkie
Frank                          Jon Clark
Lighting Design           David Hart
Sound Design               Ian James
Set design                    Adrian Pope
Stage Manager            Heather London
Set construction          Bernard Hemsley, T62 members
ASM                              Sian Roberts
Set décor                      Adrian Pope
Props                            Ann Herbert & Nina James
Prompt                        Pauline Whalley
Wardrobe                    Nikki Packham, Patricia Melluish, Beryl Neale

House Manager          Maurice Uzzell
Raffle                            Nigel London
Refreshments             T62 members
Poster design              Adrian Pope
Box Office                    Margaret Uzzell
Programme Editor     Maurice Uzzell
Programme design     Graham Copeland