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Amy’s View | February 2003

By David Hare. Directed by Jon Clark.

Love without conditions is Amy’s belief; a conviction with which Esme, her mother, a leading actress, committed to the memory of her dead artist husband, cannot come to terms.

However, over a period of sixteen years, through her experiences, it is a view Esme finally comes to understand.

The play is set in Esme’s house near Pangbourne and a London theatre dressing room.

Act I is set in  1979; Act II is set in 1985.

Esme Allen                   Nikki Packham
Frank Oddie                 Ray Harris
Amy Thomas               Susan Adam
Dominic Tyghe            Howard James
Evelyn Thomas           Penny Vetterlein
Toby Cole                     Ian-Paul Munday

Lighting                        David Hart
Sound                           Ian James
Set design                    Adrian Pope
Stage Manager            Sally Guttridge
ASM                              Kelly Dibley
Lighting Asst               Gemma Betteley
Sound Asst                   Stuart Scott
Set construction          Bernard Hemsley, Robin Kirby, Adrian Pope
Set décor                      Adrian Pope
Bernard Thomas’s paintings Caroline Fuller
Props                            Ann Herbert & Nina James
Wardrobe                    Rene Hughes
Make-up                      Penny Vetterlein, Lorette Neville
Prompt                        Janet Clark
Children’s voices        Hannah & Michael Noble

House Manager          Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments             Pat King
Raffle                           Joy Judd
Box Office                   Margaret Uzzell
Poster design             Adrian Pope
Programme editor     Maurice Uzzell
Programme design    Graham Copeland

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