From time to time Theatre 62 appears in the local press. Below are some of the cuttings that have appeared. Also take a look at the What’s On (archive) webpages.

April 2013: Croydon Advertiser review of When We Are Married by J.B.Priestley

November 2012: Theatre 62 features in the Bromley Times (click on the image to enlarge):

October 2012: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Review by Peter Steptoe, Croydon Advertiser

Director Patricia Melluish wisely decided to have this delightful piece of Shakespeare nonsense performed in the round. Obviously adept at this type of theatre, she kept her cast moving when necessary and for those not speaking, standing in the four exits and not blocking the audience’s view.
Often when amateurs are performing the Bard I get the impression that they do not understand the words they speak, but this was not the case for the production by the Theatre 62 Company.
Alec Raemers as Theseus showed his authority and in the end compassion for the Mechanicals. I liked Quince’s (Del Stone) nervousness when presenting his play and Pieter Swinge as Bottom made the most of his overacting, while his donkey braying was realistic. Ryan Gray as Flute played Thisbe with the necessary high tones and was slim enough to have a feminine silhouette. Bernard Harris as Snout made an excellent wall and Jeremy Clarke as Snug was as ferocious as an elderly lion could be.

John Heather played Oberon in an ‘elderly actor laddy’ style which seemed to suit the part and Ian-Paul Munday was not the smallest Puck I have seen but was good with the magic dust.
Demetrius (Richard Stewart) and Lysander (Stephen Whalley) convinced as the rival lovers for the hands of Hermia (Ruth Aylward) and Helena (Lauren Santana). These four actors played extremely well together.
The fairies moved elegantly and Carolyn Taylor as Titania did her best to convince us of her love for the donkey.   

Bromley Borough News clipping from 29th August, click here to read BromBoroNews 29Aug12