Postponed: Jane Eyre | 27th April – 2nd May 2020

This production is postponed due the coronavirus outbreak.  We hope to stage the show at a later date.


A beloved classic and undisputed masterpiece, Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre explores class, society, love and religion through the eyes of one of fiction’s most unique and memorable female protagonists.

This is a modern interpretation of a timeless classic and although challenging, with many roles doubling, should provide performers and audience alike with a truly exciting and dramatic experience.

The production is Theatre 62’s Bromley Full-Length Play Festival entry, is ‘Jane Eyre’, adapted for the stage by Polly Teale.

Box Office opens 27th March.


Bouncers Remix | 22nd – 27th June 2020

BouncersIn light of current events, regrettably the auditions for Bouncers Remix have been postponed.

Bouncers shows a night on the tiles from the point of view of the men on the door. It is a funny, energetic piece of highly theatrical storytelling where the men are at once themselves, and every character they happen to meet on a night at work at the nightclub.


Love from a Stranger | 5th – 10th October 2020

Love from a Stranger by Agatha Christie and Frank Vosper

Directed by Robert Chambers

A whirlwind romance with a handsome and charming stranger who sweeps Cecily Harrington off her feet. Little does she know the ghastly truth about her new beau…

Cecily Harrington has led a staid and proper existence.  After winning a large amount of money in a sweepstake she desperately yearns for a life of adventure.  Enter Bruce Lovell, a handsome and charming stranger who sweeps her off her feet. In a whirlwind romance, she recklessly abandons her job, friends and fiancé to settle in the remote and blissful surroundings of a country cottage.  However, her newfound “love from a stranger” is not what it seems and in an astonishingly tense final scene, Cecily discovers the ghastly truth of her new love.

An intense and chilling psychological thriller which examines the sadistic mind of a serial killer and the extremes to which the power of suggestion can be pushed.  (Source:

Bedroom Farce | 7th – 12th December 2020

Bedroom FarceBedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Paul Marshall

Trevor and Susannah, whose marriage is on the rocks, inflict their miseries on their nearest and dearest: three couples whose own relationships are tenuous at best.

Taking place sequentially in the three beleaguered couples’ bedrooms during one endless Saturday night of co-dependence and dysfunction, beds, tempers, and domestic order are ruffled, leading all the players to a hilariously touching epiphany.