Whenever | December 2005

By Alan Ayckbourn.  Music by Denis King. Directed by Rosemary Harris.

Emily must travel to the end of time because wicked Uncle Lucas is plotting to steal good Uncle Martin’s time machine.

Along the way she picks up a chirpy Cockney, a sensitive android and a friendly Yeti who helps her to ensure evil does not prevail.

Music Directed by Bernard John

Choreography by Penny Heather 


Bonny’s large town house, 1886
Emily Bonny:                               Amy Harvey or Lauren Stocker
Lucas Lashmore, aged 34:        Christopher Stewart
Clara Lashmore:                         Amy Clarke
Charity Lashmore, aged 30:     Eve Stone
Martin Bonny:                            Alec Raemers
Mrs Binns:                                   Penny Vetterlein
Woolton, the butler:                   Ray Harris
Bob, the footman:                       Ian-Paul Munday

A London tube station, 1940
Oscar Fieldman:                         Del Stone
Bill:                                               Jim Judd
George:                                        Ray Harris
Mr Green:                                   Peter Bidwell
Minnie:                                        Amy Clarke
Mrs Green:                                 Viki Jones
Chauffeur:                                   James Molkenthin
Others:                                        Caitlin Austin, Joy Judd, Jessica Webb
Clara Gilchrist, aged 66:            Eve Stone
Sir Lucas Lashmore, aged 88:  Christopher Stewart
Dance Band Vocalist:                 Pauline Gregoire
Nigel Chatterton-Brown:          Ian-Paul Munday

Droid 1:                                       Ray Harris
Droid 2:                                       James Molkenthin
Droid 3:                                       Alec Raemers
Ziggi:                                           Ian-Paul Munday
Char-Tee:                                   Jessica Webb or Caitlin Austin

At the End of Time
Hoombeam:                              Peter Bidwell
The Time Keeper:                   Viki Jones


Lighting:                                    Davd Hart
Sound:                                       Ian James
Stage Director:                         Bernard Hemsley
Set Design:                                Ray Harris
Set Decor:                                 Adrian Pope & Stella Harvey
Stage Manager:                       Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager:               Liane Marchant
Stage Crew:                             Jessica Barker, David Hargreen, Samantha Hand, Kyle Hardcastle, Jenny Jones, James Marchant, Natalie Wall, Jane Wedderkop
Lighting Assistant:                 Stuart Scott
Sound Assistant:                     Daniel Whymark
Props:                                       Joan Martin
Wardrobe:                               Margaret Uzzell, Joan Martin
Make-up & wigs:                    Jean Golder, Penny Vetterlein, Emily London
Prompt:                                   Rene Hughes

House Manager:                     John Guttridge
Refreshments:                       Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle:                                      Sally Guttridge
Box Office:                              Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design: Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:               John Guttridge

The Dining Room | October 2005

By A.R.Gurney. Directed by John Oakenfull

This mosaic of interrelated scenes, some funny, some touching, some rueful, is set in a dining room, the hub of social activity.

Through a range of characters from little boys to grandfathers, from giggling girls to housemaids this insight into joy, sorrow, love and sadness creates a profound study of family life.

The scene:an upper class American dining room in the north eastern United States over a period from the late 1930’s to the 1980’s, some scenes overlapping those before and after.

The actors:
Susan Adam, Nikki Packham, Sue Parker-Nutley, Michael Farrow, Raymond Langford Jones, Dennis Packham.





Lighting                             Andrew Herbert
Sound                                Daniel Whymark
Stage Management         Maurice Uzzell & Ruth Aylward
Props                                 Sally Guttridge 
Wardrobe                         Margaret Uzzell
Prompt                             Heather London  

House Manager               John Guttridge
Refreshments                 Ann Herbert
Raffle                                Eve Stone
Box Office                        Margaret Uzzell
Poster & Programme     Maurice Uzzell

Pygmalion | June 2005

By Bernard Shaw. Directed by Bill Morley.

In this, the source of My Fair Lady, Professor Higgins meets Eliza Doolittle, a flower girl, in Covent Garden.

With the help of his friend Colonel Pickering, his housekeeper Mrs Pearce, and his mother, he teaches Eliza Doolittle, the flower girl to speak and behave correctly.

As a result he transforms Eliza into the semblance of a lady.

The action tales place in London 1913. 

Clara Eynsford Hill              Jennifer Stephen
Mrs Eynsford Hill                Carolyn Taylor
Freddy Eynsford Hill           Ian-Paul Munday
Eliza Doolittle                        Jenny Jones
Professor Henry Higgins     Paul Marshall
Mrs Pearce                            Sue Parker-Nutley
Alfred Doolittle                     Alec Raemers
Mrs Higgins                          Penny Vetterlein
Parlour Maid                        Ruth Clarke
Constable                               David Kinch

Lighting Design                                 David Hart
Sound Desgn                                      Ian James
Stage Manager                                  Sally Guttridge
Technical Support                             Daniel Whymark
Set Construction                               John Guttridge, Maurice Uzzell, T62 members
Props                                                  Polly Hart
Wardrobe                                           Eve Stone
Make-Up                                            Penny Vetterlein
Hair & wigs                                         Jean Golder
Prompt                                               Nina James

House Managers                               John Heather, Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                                    Ann Herbert
Raffle                                                  The company
Box Office                                           Margaret Uzzell
Poster’Programme Design               John Guttridge
Programme Editor                            Maurice Uzzell

I Thought I Heard a Rustling | April 2005

By Alan Plater. Directed by Maurice Uzzell.

The writer-in-residence appointment at Eastwood Branch Library of ex-miner Bill Robson pleases neither Ellen, senior librarian, nor Nutley, who coverted the position.

A proposal to demolish the library unites these three in an unlikely strike group and this saves the library from closure.  

Cast includes: Janet Sharrock, Burtie Welland, Michael Farrow, Pauline Whalley, Patricia Matthews

Backstage: TBC

Silas Marner | February 2005

By George Eliot, adapted Geoffrey Beevers. Directed by Ray Harris

Silas Marner, exiled from a religious community, lives only for his work and his growing pile of gold.

But when the gold is stolen he is desolate.

A foundling arrives at his cottage and he takes her in.

Caring for her restores the happiness he lost with the money and he is redeemed by unconditional love for a small girl.  

The action takes place between 1790 and 1820.

Silas Marner                      Del Stone
The Minister                     Paul Marshall
William Dane                     David Whiting
Sarah                                  Jennifer Stephen
The landlord                      Bernard Harriss
Mr Macey                          Richard Gissing
Mr Dowlas                         Paul Marshall
Ben Winthrop                    David Whiting
Dolly Winthrop                  Janet Clark
Aaron Winthrop                Matthew Rolfe
Jem Rodney                       Biff Harrison
Squire Cass                        John Oakenfull
Godfrey Cass                     Nick Snipp
Dunsey Cass                      James Marchant
Jane                                    Alice London
Dr Bryce                             Biff Harrison
Nancy Lammeter             Jenny Jones
Priscilla Lammeter           Jennifer Stephen
Mrs Osgood                       Rosemary Harris
Dr Kimble                          Bernard Harriss
Molly Farren                     Alice London
Eppie                                  Amy Clarke
The Reverend                   John Oakenfull

Lighting Design              David Hart
Sound Design                 Ian James
Set decor                        Adrian Pope, Stella Harvey
Stage Manager              Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager     Patricia Matthews
Lighting Assistant        Stuart Scott
Sound Assistant            Daniel Whymark
Stage Crew                    Ruth Clarke, Samantha Hand
Props                              Joan Martin
Wardrobe                      Margaret Uzzell
Wardrobe Assistant     Margaret Cronk
Wigs                                Jean Golder
Prompt                           Raymond Langford Jones
Molecatcher’s song composed by Biff Harrison

House Manager             Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments               Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle                              Eve Stone
Box Office                      Margaret Uzzell
Poster design                John Guttridge
Programme Editor      Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design     Graham Copeland