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‘Bedroom Farce’ auditions at Theatre 62

Thursday 29th July 2021 at 8.00 p.m. 

Sunday 1st August 2021 at 6.30 p.m.

Production dates: 6th to 11th December 2021

Rehearsals start from September on Tuesday and Thursday nights with some Sundays nearer to the performances.

If interested but unable to attend the auditions please email the director, Paul Marshall at

Bedroom Farce is a hilarious and genuinely funny comedy set in the 1970s written by the ingenious Alan Ayckbourn during one of his lighter moments.  It was given its London premiere at the National Theatre in 1977 and has undergone a number of frequent revivals with stars such as Richard Briers and June Whitfield.  The action is set in three different bedrooms during the course of a very long evening into the early hours of the morning, while the plot follows the stormy and self- obsessed relationship of Susannah and Trevor as they cause havoc wherever they go.

Characters for Bedroom Farce:

Ernest, male, aged 60s – 70s
Ernest is married to Delia, father of Trevor; bumbling; learnt impatience gets you nowhere; interested in routine maintenance

Delia, female, 60s – 70s
Delia is married to Ernest, mother of Trevor. She can speak for the both of them and often does. She likes to gossip and give advice.

Nick, male, 30s 
Nick is married to Jan. He has recently hurt his back and is bed stricken and milking it. This does not stop him from trying to move a little too much. Some physicality is needed for this role.

Jan, female, 30s 
Jan is married to Nick. She is beautifully average. She is helpful but has a mind of her own. She wants to help her ex and his wife, but perhaps makes things worse. 

Malcolm, male, 20s – 30s
Malcolm is newly married to Kate. He is fun loving and a jokester, though he has his limits when it comes to crazy friends and around the house handiwork. Some physicality is needed for this role. 

Kate, female, 20s-30s 
Kate is newly married to Malcolm. She loves to play and joke with Malcolm though she is not quite the trickster that he is. She is a calming influence when he begins to lose his temper and likes to try to keep the peace for everyone. 

Trevor, male, 30s 
Trevor is married to Susannah. He is a selfish man who has no patience for his wife. His thoughts are always of himself and often does not listen to the other participants in a conversation, especially when it’s not about him. This role requires some physicality. 

Susannah, female, 20s-30s 
Susannah is married to Trevor. She has very low self-esteem although she will try anything, any affirmation, to try to think better of herself. She is very emotional and thinks her husband is repulsed by her. This role requires some physicality.

Ages are an indication but as usual we are very flexible.



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