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Barefoot in the Park | October 2021


Monday 4 – Saturday 9 October 2021

Join us in October for our first show after 18 months’ away

Barefoot in the Park by Neil Simon.  This is a brilliant romantic comedy.  A newlywed couple live in an apartment on the top floor of a block in New York City.   Whilst Carrie is positive about their exciting future, Paul is anxious about the various flaws in the apartment, such as a hole in the skylight, their cupboard which leaks and so on… After their six-day honeymoon, they get a surprise visit from Carrie’s mother and decide to ‘set her up’ with their neighbour, Mr Velasco…. where everything that can go wrong does go wrong… 


Carrie BratterLaura Gamble
Paul BratterRobert Chambers
Victor VelascoIan Evans
Mrs BanksJanet Edden
Telephone ManBernard Harriss