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Comfort and Joy | 4th – 9th December 2017

img_8739Comfort and Joy by Mike Harding

Directed by Sandie Campbell

Set over a three-day period from 23rd to 25th December.

Goff has volunteered, yet again, to dress up as Santa and hand out presents at the old folk’s home and someone has stolen his jacket and trousers.  Helen has brought her dog Trumpton (who is aptly named) for the Christmas holidays.

Kathy is coming to stay for Christmas and is bringing her ‘friend’ Crispin and her two cats because the cattery is closed (as the lady who runs it dropped dead in the Bran tub in Santa’s grotto).

Fiona (Goff’s daughter) and Jimmy are home from Australia for the first time in 30 years and Goff has not forgiven her for running off to Australia with Jimmy and never returning tools he borrowed.

Martin has bought an enormous Christmas tree ‘off the back of a lorry’ and has invited the new neighbours Monica and Chapman in for a drink, who turn out to be barking mad.

Margaret is the peacemaker doing her best to hold it all together, but when the dog runs off with the turkey she loses the plot.

Presents are exchanged, none of which are appropriately thought out, charades are played with quite a bit of cheating. The alcohol flows, tongues are loosened and buried resentments rear their ugly heads.  All in all…a traditional family Christmas!


Margaret          Pauline Wathen
Martin              Howard James
Goff                    Bernard Harriss
Helen                 Laura Gamble
Fiona                  Sharon Hawkes
Jimmy               John Randoll
Kathy                 Diane Carters
Crispin               Paul Newton
Monica              Christine Lever
Chapman          Tony Skeggs
Pat                      Jan Stockwell
Hughie               Ian Evans

Director                                      Sandie Campbell
Set Design                                  Alan Matthews
Lighting Design                          Andrew Herbert
Sound Design                             Ivan Buckle
Stage Manager                           Maggie Matthews
Asst Stage Manager                    Alan Matthews
Stage Director                            John Heather
Set construction                         John Heather, T62 members
Set Décor                                    Adrian Pope & T62 members
Technical Programming             Jon Lewis, Ian James
Technical Rigging                      Members of T62
Technical Operators                   Chloe Belgrave, James Quinn
Costumes                                   Val Polydorou and the cast
Properties                                  Gilly Swinge, Tina Stancombe
Prompt                                       Nina James, Janet Clark
Technical Support                      Ian James, Abel Fernandez
House Manager                          John Heather
Refreshments                             Lynne Craig and T62 members
Raffle                                         Sandie Campbell
Box Office                                  Margaret Uzzell
Programme Editor                      John Guttridge
Poster & Programme Design     Graham Copeland
“Alien” Voices                            Ailbe Lonergan, Anna Philpotts, Emma Wilson, Harley Baron
Carol Singers                             Tivs Raventheran, Subanu Raventheran, Zannette Paulsen, Zuzette Paulsen, T62 Members


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