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Neighbourhood Watch | 25th – 30th September 2017

Neighbourhood Watch by Alan Ayckbourn - posterNeighbourhood Watch by Alan Ayckbourn

Middle-aged brother and sister Martin and Hilda have just moved into a new development called Bluebell Hill. They are looking forward to leading a quiet, Christian life, but feel they should at least introduce themselves to their neighbours by means of a little housewarming gathering.

Whilst waiting for their guests to arrive, their peace is shattered by a young trespasser and that peace will never return after Monty, their beloved garden gnome, is set upon.

The resultant well-intentioned scheme for a safer community is jeopardised by Martin’s burgeoning romance with Bluebell resident Amy (married to Gareth), who has just finished an affair with Martin and Hilda’s next door neighbour Luther, husband of Magda. This has surprising outcomes for all concerned.

Who could have thought that a young trespasser taking a shortcut through a garden could start a chain of events just as shocking as any crime drama seen on television?


Martin Massie            Rob Chambers
Hilda Massie               Margaret Glen
Luther Bradley           Geoff Dillon
Magda Bradley           Nomi Bailey
Gareth Janner            Richard Stewart
Amy Janner                Rachel Cormican
Rod Trusser                Richard Toynton
Dorothy Doggett        Margaret Hey

Director                                      Nikki Packham
Set Design                                 Alan Matthews
Lighting Design                          Jon Lewis
Sound Design                             Ian James
Stage Manager                           John Oakenfull
Asst Stage Manager                   Nikki Packham
Fight Director                             Emma Christmas
Stage Director                            John Heather
Set construction                         Alan Matthews
Technical Programming             Jon Lewis, Ian James
Technical Operators                   Chloe Belgrave, James Quinn
Properties                                   Ann Herbert, Audrey Knighton
Rehearsal Prompt                       Audrey Knighton
Gnome Makers                            Jan Greenhough, Mike Greenhough
House Manager                           John Heather
Refreshments                              Stuart Scott
Raffle                                          Sandie Campbell
Box Office                                   Nina James
Programme Editor                       John Guttridge
Poster & Programme Design      Graham Copeland