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My Mother Said I Never Should | 1st – 6th May 2017

My Mother Said I Never ShouldMy Mother Said I Never Should by Charlotte Keatley

“My Mother said, I never should
Play with the gypsies in the wood.
If I did, she would say;
‘Naughty girl to disobey”

Secrets and lies! “My Mother Said I Never Should” explores the complex and difficult relationships between mothers and daughters.  Spanning 1940 to 1987, though in non-linear fashion, the lives of four generations of women develop.  Their loves, expectation and choices are set against the huge social changes of the twentieth century.  Unmarried Jacky gives birth to Rosie, unable to cope she hands Rosie over to her mother Margaret. Rosie is brought up believing Margaret is her mother, while Jackie is her older sister.  The play looks at the consequences of this secret and the emotional repercussions.

This was a change from the originally published production The Women

Doris              Lynn Rushby
Margaret       Christine Lever
Jackie             Janet Sharrock
Rosie             Nomi Bailey

Director                                      Lorraine Spenceley
Set Design                                 Alan Matthews
Lighting Design                         Andrew Herbert
Sound Design                            Ian James
Stage Manager                           Maggie Matthews
Asst Stage Manager                   Alan Matthews
Stage Director                           John Heather
Set construction                        Alan Matthews, Ian Saunders, T62 members
Set Décor                                  Adrian Pope
Technical Programming            Jon Lewis
Technical Rigging                     Members of T62
Technical Operators                  Chloe Belgrave, James Quinn, Ivan Buckle
Stage Crew                                Stephen Harper
Costumes                                   Margaret Uzzell and team
Radio Announcer                       Paul Newton
Prompt                                       Nina James, Janet Clark
Technical Support                     Andrew Herbert
House Manager                         John Heather
Refreshments                            Ann Herbert
Raffle                                         Sandie Campbell
Box Office                                  Margaret Uzzell
Programme Editor                      John Guttridge
Poster & Programme Design     Graham Copeland



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