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Collaboration | 25th – 30th April 2016

Collaboration PosterCollaboration by Ronald Harwood

This production was Theatre 62’s entry in the 2016 Bromley Theatre Guild Full Length Play Festival.

It’s 1931 and composer Richard Strauss and novelist Stefan Zweig embark on a fruitful and invigorating partnership.

But Zweig is Jewish and the Nazis are on the march, destroying the artistic culture he values so much. Strauss, meanwhile, struggles to accommodate it, but for what reason?

Is it possible to keep artistic aspiration and political action separate? This powerful play considers the fine line between naivety and realism, collaboration and betrayal.

Ronald Harwood’s other stage works include The Dresser, Quartet, The Handyman. Screenplays include The Pianist, The Browning Version, Oliver Twist

Strauss         Ian Evans
Pauline         Janet Edden
Zweig           Andrew Herbert
Lotte             Ruth Aylward
Hinkel           Mark Storey
Adolph    Tony Skeggs

Director                                        Alice London
Set Design                                    Alice London
Lighting Design                            Jon Lewis
Sound Design                               Ian James
Stage Manager                             Ann Herbert
Asst Stage Manager                      Nina James
Stage Director                              Alan Matthews
Set construction                           Andrew Heather, T62 members
Set Décor                                      Andrew Heather, Alice London, Adrian Pope
Technical Programming                Jon Lewis, Ian James
Technical Operators                     Chloe Belgrave, James Quinn
Costumes                                      Margaret Uzzell and the wardrobe team
Make-Up & Hair                            Jean Golder, Christine Lever, Penny Vetterlein
Properties                                     Ann Herbert
Prompt                                           Frances Denne
House Manager                             John Heather
Refreshments                                 Ann Herbert
Raffle                                             Liane Marchant
Box Office                                      Margaret Uzzell
Programme Editor                          John Guttridge
Poster & Programme Design         Graham Copeland




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