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We’ll Always Have Paris | 22nd – 27th February 2016

We'll Alway Have ParisWe’ll Always Have Paris by Jill Hyem

Three women of a ‘certain age’ gravitate to Paris. There’s Nancy, a retired headmistress determined to throw off the shackles; Anna, recently widowed – and free – after years of nursing a sick husband; and Raquel, a divorcee in search of eternal youth and a new toy boy.

A feel-good play with laughter and tears, the promise of romance, friendship and anger, and the advantages and disadvantages of growing old. We’ll Always Have Paris is certainly a play that will leave audiences charmed, amused, thoughtful – and smiling.

Nancy                                        Sue Smith
Anna                                          Lynne Rushby
Raquel                                       Pauline Wathen
Madam Boussiron                  Sue Bailey
Charlot                                      Howard James

Director                                              Nikki Wilkinson
Asst Director                                       Janet Clark
Set Design                                          John Heather
Lighting Design                                  Andrew Herbert
Sound Design                                      Ian James
Stage Manager                                    Katherine Whalley
Stage Director                                     Alan Matthews
Set construction                                  John Heather, T62 members
Set Décor                                            Adrian Pope
Technical Operators                             Jon Lewis
Costumes                                            Margaret Uzzell
Make-Up & Hair                                  Jean Golder
Properties                                            Frances Denne
Prompt                                                 Janet Clark, Beryl Neal
House Manager                                   John Heather
Refreshments                                      Ann Herbert
Raffle                                                  Sandie Campbell
Box Office                                           Margaret Uzzell
Programme Editor                               John Guttridge
Poster & Programme Design              Graham Copeland

Production Photos (click to enlarge)


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