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Stepping Out | 23rd – 28th February 2015

Stepping Out 2015By Richard Harris.  Directed by Ray Harris.

Theatre 62’s production was a sell-out. Tickets were snapped up over a week before opening night.

Synopsis: Mavis is an ex-professional dance teacher who leads an evening class in tap dancing in a dingy church hall. Her classes are attended by seven women: there’s timid Dorothy, snobby Vera, shrewd Maxine, bubbly Rose, plain Lynne, cheerful Sylvia and do-gooder Andy; not forgetting frosty pianist Mrs Fraser. Oh, and Geoffrey, the lone man.

We find out about the ups and downs of their lives and loves. Despite being of very mixed ability, it’s thanks to Mavis’s teaching efforts that they enter a local charity dance festival. But will their performance be worthy of a chorus line?

Mavis                               Samantha Elgar
Sylvia                               Frances Denne
Andie                               Christine Lever
Rose                                 Myrna Delicata
Dorothy                           Nicola Wilkinson
Geoffrey                           Howard James
Mrs Frazer                       Sue Appleyard
Vera                                  Lynne Rushby
Maxine                             Pauline Wathen
Lynne                               Louise Gauntlet

Stage Director                                       John Heather
Set Design                                              Adrian Pope
Set Construction                                   John Heather & T62 Members
Set Décor                                                Adrian Pope, Pieter Swinge
Lighting Design                                    Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer                                    Henry Terry
Stage Manager                                      Sally Guttridge
ASMs                                                       Maggie & Alan Matthews
Pianist                                                    Eric Johnstone
Props                                                       The cast and SMs
Prompt                                                   Rosemary Harris
Make-up/hair                                        Penny Vetterlein
Classes costumes                                  The cast
Dancing costumes                                Margaret Uzzell, Joan Martin, Hazel Hall, Diana Quinn, Valerie Polydorou
Technical programming/support     Jon Lewis, Ian James
Technical rigging                                  T62 members

House Manager                                     John Heather
Refreshments                                         Heather London
Raffle                                                        Liane Marchant
Box Office                                                Nina James
Poster/programme design                   Graham Copeland
Programme                                             John Guttridge

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Stepping Out - in rehearsal

use...use..Stepping Out February 2015

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