‘Stepping Out’ Box Office open at Theatre 62

Stepping Out - Feb 2015The Box Office is now open for the feel-good tap-dancing comedy Stepping Out, from 23rd to 28th February.

What’s the show about? Mavis is an ex-professional dance teacher who leads an evening class in tap dancing in a dingy church hall. Her classes are attended by seven women: there’s timid Dorothy, snobby Vera, shrewd Maxine, bubbly Rose, plain Lynne, cheerful Sylvia and do-gooder Andy; not forgetting frosty pianist Mrs Fraser. Oh, and Geoffrey, the lone man.

We find out about the ups and downs of their lives and loves. Despite being of very mixed ability, it’s thanks to Mavis’s teaching efforts that they enter a local charity dance festival. But will their performance be worthy of a chorus line?