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Dangerous Obsession | 29 Sept – 4 Oct 2014

Dangerous Obsession by N.J. Crisp, directed by Patricia Melluish

Sally has been sunbathing in the garden of her large country home.  An acquaintance, John, stops by. Sally doesn’t really remember him, but he ingratiates his way in. John lets Sally talk herself into thinking he is there to discuss a business proposition with her husband Mark who “is due home any moment”. But John’s purpose appears to be a little more sinister.  This is a cleverly crafted tale with its fair share of surprises.

The action takes place in the conservatory of the Driscoll’s house in the Home Counties, late afternoon on a hot day in late summer, in the late 1980s.

Theatre 62 staged this production in-the-round. Originally a proscenium stage and set was planned, but during rehearsals it was decided that in-the-round helped establish intimacy and tension.

Sally Driscoll        Ruth Aylward
John Barrett         Stuart Scott
Mark Driscoll       Bruce Wallace

Director                                        Patricia Melluish
Lighting & Sound Designer      Ian James
Stage Manager                            Sue Hicks
Stage Director                             John Heather
Set design                                     Jan Greenhough
Set construction                         Members of Theatre 62
Set décor                                      Jan Greenhough, Lynne Craig
Assistant Director                      Nikki Wilkinson
Assistant Stage Manager          Lianne Marchant
Technical programming           Jon Lewis
Technical Operator                    Anna Howarth
Technical rigging                       Members of Theatre 62
Wardrobe                                     Margaret Uzzell
Properties                                    Lynne Craig
Prompt                                         Audrey Knighton, Beryl Neal

House Manager                          John Heather
Refreshments                              Heather London
Raffle                                             Lianne Marchant
Box Office                                     Margaret Uzzell, Nina James
Poster & Programme design    Graham Copeland
Programme Editor                     John Guttridge

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