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The Tempest | 7th – 12th July 2014

The Tempest July 2014King Alonso of Naples and his entourage sail home for Italy after attending his daughter’s wedding in Africa. They encounter a violent storm – a Tempest – and are washed ashore on a strange island inhabited by the magician Prospero who deliberately conjured up the storm.

Prospero and Miranda live in a cave on the island which is also inhabited by Ariel, a sprite who carries out the bidding of Prospero, and the ugly, half-human Caliban.

A number of plots against the main characters fail thanks to the magic of Prospero; the Tempest is eventually calmed.











More photos below

Prospero                               Tim Hinchliffe
Ariel                                      Jessica-Ann Jenner
Caliban                                 Phil Cairns
Ferdinand                            James Dammers
Miranda                               Alice Foster
Alonso                                   Paul Marshall
Gonzalo                                Stephen Shooman
Sebastian                             John Oakenfull
Antonio                                Kyle Cluett
Francisco/Adrian               Ian-Paul Munday
Boatswain                            James Mercer
Master                                  Jessica Kellow
Stephano                              Peter Ruddick
Trinculo                               Steve Whalley

Director                               Richard Stewart
Set Designer                       Tony Jenner
Lighting Designer              Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer                  Ian James
Stage Manager                   Heather London

Stage Director                     John Heather
Set construction                 T62 members
Set decor                              Tony Jenner, Adrian Pope
Asst Stage Mgr                   Nicky Wilkinson
Technical effects                Jon Lewis
Technical operator            James Quinn, Ana Howarth
Special props                      Tony Jenner
Wardrobe                            Margaret Uzzell, Joan, Martin, Val Polydorou, Diana Quinn
Makeup and hair               Penny Vetterlein, Christine Lever
Prompt                                 Alice London

House Manager                  John Heather
Refreshments                     Audrey Knighton
Raffle                                    Nicky Wilkinson, Jessica Kellow
Box Office                            Margaret Uzzell
Poster & Programme        Graham Copeland
Programme Editor            John Guttridge

The action takes place on board ship and on an unspecified island.

The Tempest was previously performed by Theatre 62 in April 1964 and April 1983.

ProsperoAriel & CalibanStephano & CalibanProsperoIMG_6461IMG_6442IMG_6438IMG_6420IMG_6402IMG_6469IMG_6396IMG_6466IMG_6387IMG_6341IMG_6445IMG_6330IMG_6336IMG_6329IMG_6328IMG_6290IMG_6301IMG_6321 - Copy

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