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Elephants Don’t Run | 7th – 12th April 2014

Elephants Don't Run  posterBy Trevor Smith.

Directed by Sandie Campbell.

Photos below.

Lily, a widow, is in hospital suffering from a number of psychological illnesses including dementia. Her daughter Debra has been caring for Lily for the last twenty years. Out of the blue Lily is visited by her other daughter, Megan, whom no-one has seen for twenty years. Why has she suddenly appeared? Where has Megan been for all these years? What is really been going on? And will Dr Pritchard fall for Debra’s advances?

All is explained through this thought-provoking, hard-hitting drama as the horrifying secrets of a family’s past are revealed.

The action takes place one summer a few years ago in a small cotage hospital in rural England.

Lily                                    Sue Hicks
Megan                               Sue Bailey
Debra                                Ruth Aylward
Dr Pritchard                    Bruce Wallace
Nurse Jenny                    Christine Lever

Director                            Sandie Campbell
Stage Director                 John Heather
Set Designer                    William Ransom
Lighting Designer            Ian James
Sound Designer               Jon Lewis
Set construction/decor  William Ransom & T62 crew
Stage Manager                Liane Marchant
Asst SM                            Nikki Wilkinson
Technical Operators       Danny McIIiney, James Quinn
Technical rigging             T62 members
Props                                 Lynne Craig
Prompt                             Mary Ransom, Beryl Neal

House Manager               John Heather
Refreshments                  Audrey Knighton
Raffle                                Sandie Campbell
Box Office                        Nina James
Poster/programme        Graham Copeland
Programme Editor           John Guttridge

We were delighted that the play’s author, Trevor Smith, was able to attend the final performance.

Elephants Don’t Run is Theatre 62’s entry in the 2014 Bromley Theatre Guild Full Length Play Festival.

Elephants Don't RunElephantsDSC01677_DxO - e10 - CopyDSC01680_DxO - e10 - CopyElephantsElephantsElephants cast


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