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In Two Minds | 18 – 23 February 2013

In Two Minds by Richard Harris. Director Eve Stone. 

In Two Minds poster - Theatre 62 - February 2012Theatre 62’s entry for the Bromley Theatre Guil Full Length Play Festival 2013.

Set in the present day, divorced go-ahead bookseller David is moving into a new home in outer London with his partner Annie.

Strange events cast a shadow over their new home and cause David’s negative thoughts to rise to the surface.

Their seemingly sinister neighbour, Mr Hewlett, keeps popping in uninvited. Mr Hewlett is married – but where is his wife? Why are their burnt clothes in the garden? Why don’t the exterior measurements of the house don’t match those of the interior? What’s in the cupboard?

David seems ready to excuse everyone of everything, but Annie struggles to cope with his doubts and insecurities. She finds herself in two minds about their relationship.

Photos & review below.

David Freedman                  Simon Church
Annie Bishop                        Laura Gamble
Anthony Hewlett                 Tony Skeggs
Gina                                       Beverly Ashman

Stage Director                      Del Stone
Asst Stage Director             John Heather
Set construction & decor    John Heather, Andrew Heather, Adrian Pope, Ian Saunders, Del Stone, members of T62
Lighting design                     David Hart
Sound design                        Andrew Herbert
Technical Assistants            Daniel McIIhiney, James Quinn
Stage Manager                     Sue Hicks
Asst Stage Managers          Ryan Gray, Nicola Wilkinson
Props                                     Sandie Campbell
Costumes                              Eve Stone
Make-up & hair                    Jean Golder, Penny Vetterlein, Christine Lever
Prompt                                   Janet Claerk, Beryl Neal

House Manager                    John Heather
Refreshments                       Lynne Craig, Audrey Knighton
Raffle                                     Sandie Campbell, Sue Hicks
Box Office                             Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design Graham Copeland
Programme Editor               John Guttridge

IN TWO MINDS, Reviewed by Peter Steptoe (Croydon Advertiser)

Richard Harris is a very clever playwright and though appearing to specialise in crime his two most successful plays were ‘Outside Edge’ and ‘Stepping Out’.
This one described as a psychological thriller, with innumerable scenes was like a slow burning fuse; for with each scene we got a little bit more information along with some character development. It said a great deal for the author’s skill that we the audience were glued to what was going on and our very silence betrayed that interest. Mr Harris also provided a few red herrings so that we were never certain the direction the play would take.
David Freeman (Simon Church) was Jewish, divorced and suspicious of his neighbour, Anthony Hewlett (Tony Skeggs) who had been given a key by the previous owner of the Victorian house and whose antics always subsequently had a reasonable explanation. David’s partner was Annie Bishop beautifully played by Laura Gamble who had the rare ability of not appearing to be acting. She found David’s suspicions difficult to put up with but more than held her own in the contest. Simon Church’s was the more difficult part and after a pause ridden beginning deftly showed his character’s neurotic tendencies.
I liked Tony Skeggs vaguely sinisterly hesitancies as the misunderstood neighbour with the vanished wife  and Beverly Ashman as Gina the cleaning lady added to our bewilderment as to what was actually going on.
Great set with kitchen and living room and Director Eve Stone ably kept the pot boiling.

In Two Minds - cast & director a b c d e f g

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