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Good Things | 3 – 8 December 2012

by Liz Lochhead,  directed by John Oakenfull.

Production dates: 3th-8th December 2012.

This is a poignant, hilarious, “Cinderella story” with a lot to say about love the second time around.

Susan Love, suddenly single and with the dreaded 5-0 staring her in the face, has an old dad in his second childhood, a daughter in the throes of aggravated adolescence and an ex-husband who, unfortunately, still has the power to wound.

It is set in the charity shop where she is a volunteer. She deals with, colleagues who have their own problems, a succession of customers and people, who’ve donated “things”, but are they Good Things?

Photos below.

Susan                                             Janet Sharrock
David                                             Nigel London
Marjorie                                        Claire Morris
Fraser                                            Howard James
Actress                                          Sanchia Leddy
Actor                                              Ian Evans

Stage Director                              John Heather
Set Design                                     Adrian Pope
Set Construction & decor           Andrew Heather, T62 members
Lighing & Sound                          Ian James
Stage Manager                            Heather London
Asst Stage Manager                    Nicola Wilkinson
Technical Support                       Andrew Herbert, Jon Lewis, David Hart
Lighting Operators                     James Quinn, Alice London
Props                                             Beryl Neal
Costumes                                      The Cast, Margaret Uzzell, Danny McIIhiney
Make-up, hair                              Jean Golder, Penny Vetterlein, Christine Lever
Prompt                                          Nina James

House Manager                           John Heather
Refreshments                              Audrey Knighton
Raffle                                             Heather London
Box Offce                                      Margaret Uzzell
Posters, programme design       Graham Copeland
Programme Editor                      John Guttridge

Production & rehearsal photos:

Good Things Dec 2012Good Things 2Good Things 3

Good Things 4Good Things 5Good Things 6Good Things 7Good Things 8Good Things 9Good Things 10

Good Things in the Bromley Times - 29 Nov 12 (not Peter Pan...)

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