First Night | Pieter Swinge

Pieter will shortly be appearing as Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“Ladies and Gentlemen for your entertainment tonight” the man cried
to a hushed house of eager eyes.
Sitting noisily, everyone tried to speak over the others’ anticipation.
“A play, it’s a play”, the people were shouting, fidgeting in their seats
Some were dressed in crumpled suits, and ladies in smart dresses complete
with perfume and complements to their satisfaction.

The first night of any play, is a night of willing, an air of wanting it to go right. Lights are bright, the colours of sets and stage raised to such a glow
The crowd feel ready, sitting in vaulted halls.
A throng of colour. Smells. Laughter of excitement. Conversations of what’s to come.
The melting pot of young and old together in one bright coloured mass. Last seats run to take their places. Settling down with arms crossed, a gentle silence falls.

As the lights drop to a quiet dim, the music rises in an audible swell like the waves approaching the shore.
A last minute cough, a whisper.
A quiet hush that saves itself for later moments to come.
Then silence and a swirl of sudden movement as the tabs draw
to reveal the world within its itself. Hear the gasps at the pocket picture before
their eyes. A magical place, once hidden, now open to some.

Lights fall on a rainbow of colour through the set, carried by those paid
to bring us into a world of fantasy. A wave of noise, talking, shouting, made
to draw us closer, to enjoy.
The majestic, stately people walk and strut around the wooden boards, a platform
of dreams. It moves the crowd through imagination into joy and sadness, to form
an unfolding story and smiles and laughter like a child with a toy.

And coming to an end with cries and cheers, the final curtain falls
With noise and laughter, a rush of the crowd and loud applause
Then silence and stillness, so the theatre goes back to sleep.
It will awaken tomorrow with a new smile,
And its heart will pour in, so that for a while
It breaths again and issues memories for all to keep.