Bromley Theatre Guild’s One Act Theatre Night

Bromley Theatre Guild

One Act Theatre Night

Friday 20th July 8 p.m.

 Friday 20th July sees Theatre 62 hosting the Bromley Theatre Guild’s One Act Theatre Night.

During the evening there will be three very varied presentations.

First off will be Beckenham Theatre Centre with The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish by Davis Tristram. In this comedy Henry and Alice try to boost their flagging marriage. Henry by fantasising that he is amongst other things an actor, sporting hero, Casanova and the President of the United States, whilst Alice takes her relationship with a French Waiter to the next level.

Next Theatre 62 will be inviting you to meet Lady Jane Grey, Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary), Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II in Royal Salute, atribute, in their own words, to the Queens of England. This was performed earlier this month as Theatre 62’s contribution to West Wickham’s Jubilee celebrations.

Finally St Marks and Keston Players will be presenting Darlings, You were Wonderful by Derek Lomas. Here the ambitious Amazon Theatre Group is about to perform an obscure seventeenth century Spanish Drama in a Festival.

Tickets priced £8 can be purchased form the BTG Box

Office on 07804 331811 or through John Guttridge on 020

8325 3490