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Dancing at Lughnasa | 3rd-8th October 2011

By Brian Friel, directed by Janet Clark

Dancing at Lughnasa, by Brian Friel, one of Ireland’s most important playwrights, was first performed at the Abbey Theatre, in Dublin, in 1990, and garnered the 1991 Olivier Award. In 1998, Dancing at Lughnasa was adapted to the screen in a film directed by Pat O’Connor and starring Meryl Streep.

Set in 1936 Dancing at Lughnasa is a play about hopes, frustrations, dreams and desires set against a background of Irish cultural identity, nostalgia, historical change, and pagan ritual. It revolves around the five Mundy sisters (Kate, Maggie, Agnes, Rosie and Christine), all unmarried who live together in a cottage on a farm 2 miles away from Ballybeg in Donegal with Michael, Christine’s seven year old son, born out of wedlock.

The cast:
Michael:       James Mercer
Kate:             Janet Edden
Maggie:        Sanchia Leddy
Agnes:          Hayley Beszant
Rose:            Jess Webb
Chris:           Emily Smith
Gerry:          Ian-Paul Munday
Jack:             Del Stone


Set Design & Decor:                   Adrian Pope
Lighting Design:                         David Hart
Sound Design:                             Andrew Herbert
Stage Director:                           John Heather
Choreorapher:                            Hollie Campbell
Set Construction:                       John Heather & T62 members
Set Decor:                                   Adrian Pope & T62 members
Stage Manager:                          Liane Marchant
Asst Stage Manager:                 Sue Hicks
Sound Assistant:                        Jon Lewis
Props:                                          Bery Neal
Wardrobe:                                  Margaret Uzzell, Valerie Polydorou
Make-up & hair:                        Jean Golder, Penny Vetterlein, Christine Lever
Prompt:                                      Mary Ransom, Nina James

House Manager:                        John Heather
Refreshments:                           Lynne Craig, Audrey Knighton
Raffle:                                          Sandie Campbell
Box Office:                                  Margaret Uzzell
Programme Editor:                   John Guttidge
Poster/Programme Design:     Graham Copeland

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