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The Deep Blue Sea | 20th – 25th June 2011

by Terence Rattigan, directed by Muriel Kidd

Rattigan’s exquisitely crafted piece is set in a bleak 1951 London. Six years have passed since the end of World War II, but in England it is still a chill age of austerity and ration books, and a cold climate for love.

Hester Collyer is emotionally desperate having left her husband for a semi-alcoholic ex-RAF pilot whose ardour has cooled. She loves him but cannot live with him, unlike her husband whom she can live with but cannot love.

An attempted suicide fails and she wrestles with her inner turmoil.

The cast:

Hester Collyer        Claire Morris
Mrs Elton                 Sandie Campbell
Philip Welch            James Mercer
Ann Welch                Nicola Bull
Mr Miller                 Tony Skeggs
William Collyer      Paul Marshall
Freddie Page           Matthew Eades
Jackie Jackson        Richard Webb

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