Flying Feathers | 11th-16th April 2011

By Derek Benfield, directed by Susan Adam.

When Chief Constable Henry Potterton arrives at the peaceful country house of his late brother Bernard he is astonished to find several scantily clad ladies wandering about.

Not knowing that during Bernard’s temporary absence on a religious commune in the Orkneys, his housekeeper, Nora Winthrop has turned the place into a house of sin.

As she is not expecting the Chief constable and is fearful of the questions that he will ask, she hastily tries to hide the truth, leading to hilarious comings and goings.

The cast:

Chief Constable Henry Potterton     Alec Raemers
Sarah Potterton                                  Janet Clarke
Nora Winthrop                                   Susan Appleyard
Roger Featherstone                           Bernard Harriss
Mr Tunnicliffe                                     James Mercer
Polly                                                     Ruth Aylward
Debbie                                                  Sanchia Leddy
Sally                                                      Alana Mortlock
Jackie                                                   Rachel Judge