The Nativity | December 2007

By David Farr. Directed by Patricia Melluish.

This is an imaginative portrayal of the Christmas story, which manages to combine the simplicity of the basic Christmas tale, with stories from the Old Testament.

These stories illustrate the beliefs of faith, hope and charity. 

This combination presents a delightful mixture of reverence, humour and love.

In this production, innovatively set in the round, the eleven members of the cast played fifty different characters between them, including:

Sian Elliott:                              Mary
Stuart Scott:                           Joseph, Shepherd
Emily London:                        Isaac, David, Sheep, Balthazar
Keith Jeremiah:                     Joseph’s brother, Minister of Justice, Israelite Warrior
John Heather:                        Herod, Abraham
Ian-Paul Munday:                 Goliath, Shepherd, Commander of the soldiers
Viki Jones:                              Shepherd, Villager, Prostitute, Sarah
Ruth Aylward:                       Solomon, Villager, Waterseller, Caspar
James Neary:                         Donkey, Ezra, Benjamin, Spy
Samantha Ellery:                   Angel Gabriel, Samaritan, Melchior
Richard Barrett:                    Mary’s father, Israelite warrior, Solomon’s officer


Assistant Director:                  Sandie Campbell
Stage Director:                         John Heather
Set Design:                               John Heather
Lighting Designer:                   Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer:                      Ian James
Special Construction:              Andrew Heather, John Heather, Derek Melluish
Stage Manager:                       Liane Marchant
Assistant Stage Managers:    Amy Burnell, Patricia Matthews
Stage Crew:                             Derek Melluish
Lighting Assistant:                  Sam Tanner
Sound Assistant:                     Sharon Fowler
Props:                                       Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                                Margaret Uzzell, Joan Martin
Prompt:                                    Nikki Packham, Mary Ransome

House Manager:                      John Heather
Refreshments:                         Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle:                                       Eve Stone
Box Office:                               Margaret Uzzell
Programme/Poster Design:  Graham Copeland
Programme Editor:                 John Guttridge