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‘Allo ‘Allo | June 2007

By Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft. Directed by Jon Clark.

Based on the long-running BBC Television comedy series, ‘Allo ‘Allo follows the adventures of Rene, a cafe owner in the occupied French town of Nouvion.

Rene and his wife Edith struggle to keep a priceless portrait of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies by Van Klomp, stolen by the Nazis, hidden in a large sausage in their cellar. Rene is also hiding two British airmen, and with the help of the French Resistance, tries to repatriate them. Matters come to a head when news breaks that the Fuhrer is visiting the town, and the cafe quickly becomes filled with folk trying to impersonate Hitler…

Rene:                                            Del Stone
Edith:                                           Sue Parker-Nutley
Yvette:                                         Susan Adam
Mimi:                                           Amy Burnell
Michelle:                                      Sandie Campbell
Colonel von Strohm:                  Pieter Jan Swinge
Helga:                                           Pauline Whalley
Alberto Bertorelli:                      Howard James
Herr Flick:                                   Paul Marshall
Officer Crabtree:                        Stephen Whalley
Monsieur Leclerc:                      Biff Harrison
Lieutenant Gruber:                   Geoff Dillon
Madame Fanny:                        Muriel Kidd
General von Smelling:               Bernard Harriss
Plumber:                                     Jon Clark
Resistance Girls:                        Sarah Lewis, Ruth Aylward, Viki Jones
French Peasants:                       Samantha Ellery, Sue Appleyard, James Neary, Peter Bidwell
British Airmen:                          James Neary, James Marchant

Lighting Designer:                      David Hart
Sound Designer:                          Ian James
Choreographer:                           Hollie Campbell
Music Director:                           Biff Harrison
Stage Director/Set Designer:    Adrian Pope
Set Construction:                        Bernard Hemsley, Adrian Pope, members of T62
Stage Manager:                           Liane Marchant
Asst Stage Manager:                  Katherine Whalley
Stage Crew:                                  Louise Messenger, James Marchant
Lighting Assistant:                      Stuart Scott
Sound Assistant:                         Sharon Fowler
Props:                                           Beryl Neal & Karen Kehoe
Wardrobe:                                   Eve Stone, Jon Clark, Margaret Uzzell
Make-up & hair:                         Penny Vetterlein, Jean Golder, Christine Lever
Prompt:                                       Janet Clark

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