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Cinderella The Sequel | December 2006

By Jackie Staite. Directed by Eve Stone.

Cinderella – The Sequel or How I Ran Away to Join a Pirate Ship and Found True Happiness.

After the traditional story of Cinderella, if you want to know what happens next, ‘the sequel’ provides the answer…

Cinderella has decided that Prince Charming is too boring to marry, so she runs away to join a pirate ship. However, Baron Hardup, the ugly sisters, the Prince, Dan O’Deeny follow her to bring her back.

Along the way Cinderella meets lots of new characters, including a swashbuckling pirate and the Old Man of the Sea. The ship sails to Mexico where pretty girls, bandits and lots more adventures await…

Cast (in no particular order):

Cinderella:                               Caroline Olson
Baron Hardup:                        Dennis Packham
Fairy Godmother:                  Nikki Packham
Prince Charming:                    Richard Stewart
Dan O’Deeny:                           Stephen Whalley
Gorgeous Gertie:                    Del Stone
Delectable Delia:                     Nigel London
Stepmother:                            Muriel Kidd
Pirate Captain:                        Ian-Paul Munday
Second Mate:                           Jim Judd
Maria/Pirate:                          Susan Adam
Old Man of the Sea:                Peter Bidwell
Bandit/Pirate:                         David Kinch
First Mate/Carlos/Priest:     Pieter Jan Swinge
Pirate/Senorita:                      Jessie Giacomazzi
Mexixan Pedlar/Conchita:    Viki Jones
Isabella/Pirate:                       Amy Burnell
Pedro/Pirate:                          Gordon Watt
Florentine:                                Lyn Thorpe
Margarita/Pirate:                    Sharon Fowler
Press Stud:                               James Neary
Miranda/Pirate:                      Ruth Hamilton
French Tart:                             Sandie Campbell
Pirate/Senorita:                       Marie Longhurst


Stage Director:                          Del Stone
Set Design:                                 Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer:                    David Hart
Sound Designer:                        Mike Walker
Choreographer:                         Hollie Campbell
Set construction:                       Members of T62
Stage Manager:                         Heather London
Asst Stage Manager:                Ruth Aylward
Stage crew:                                Sylvia Snipp
Sound Assistant:                       Daniel Whymark
Props:                                         Patricia Melluish, Beryl Neal
Wardrobe:                                  Eve Stone assisted by Margaret Uzzell & Joan Martin
Make-up & hair:                        Jean Golder assisted by Christine Lever, Felicity Lever, Emily London, Carolyn Taylor, Penny Vetterlein
Prompt:                                       Mary Ransom
Musical Accompanist:                Bernard John
Guest Vocalist:                            Carole Fisher-Grant
Technical Support:                     Ian James

House Manager:                         John Heather
Refreshments:                            Ann Herbert
Raffle:                                           Patricia Melluish
Box Office:                                   Margaret Uzzell
Poster/programme design:      Graham Copeland
Programme editor:                    John Guttridge

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