The Dining Room | October 2005

By A.R.Gurney. Directed by John Oakenfull

This mosaic of interrelated scenes, some funny, some touching, some rueful, is set in a dining room, the hub of social activity.

Through a range of characters from little boys to grandfathers, from giggling girls to housemaids this insight into joy, sorrow, love and sadness creates a profound study of family life.

The scene:an upper class American dining room in the north eastern United States over a period from the late 1930’s to the 1980’s, some scenes overlapping those before and after.

The actors:
Susan Adam, Nikki Packham, Sue Parker-Nutley, Michael Farrow, Raymond Langford Jones, Dennis Packham.





Lighting                             Andrew Herbert
Sound                                Daniel Whymark
Stage Management         Maurice Uzzell & Ruth Aylward
Props                                 Sally Guttridge 
Wardrobe                         Margaret Uzzell
Prompt                             Heather London  

House Manager               John Guttridge
Refreshments                 Ann Herbert
Raffle                                Eve Stone
Box Office                        Margaret Uzzell
Poster & Programme     Maurice Uzzell