Pygmalion | June 2005

By Bernard Shaw. Directed by Bill Morley.

In this, the source of My Fair Lady, Professor Higgins meets Eliza Doolittle, a flower girl, in Covent Garden.

With the help of his friend Colonel Pickering, his housekeeper Mrs Pearce, and his mother, he teaches Eliza Doolittle, the flower girl to speak and behave correctly.

As a result he transforms Eliza into the semblance of a lady.

The action tales place in London 1913. 

Clara Eynsford Hill              Jennifer Stephen
Mrs Eynsford Hill                Carolyn Taylor
Freddy Eynsford Hill           Ian-Paul Munday
Eliza Doolittle                        Jenny Jones
Professor Henry Higgins     Paul Marshall
Mrs Pearce                            Sue Parker-Nutley
Alfred Doolittle                     Alec Raemers
Mrs Higgins                          Penny Vetterlein
Parlour Maid                        Ruth Clarke
Constable                               David Kinch

Lighting Design                                 David Hart
Sound Desgn                                      Ian James
Stage Manager                                  Sally Guttridge
Technical Support                             Daniel Whymark
Set Construction                               John Guttridge, Maurice Uzzell, T62 members
Props                                                  Polly Hart
Wardrobe                                           Eve Stone
Make-Up                                            Penny Vetterlein
Hair & wigs                                         Jean Golder
Prompt                                               Nina James

House Managers                               John Heather, Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                                    Ann Herbert
Raffle                                                  The company
Box Office                                           Margaret Uzzell
Poster’Programme Design               John Guttridge
Programme Editor                            Maurice Uzzell