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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass | December 2002

By Lewis Carroll, dramatised by Clemence Dane. Directed by John Heather.

Lewis Carroll’s fantastic tales of Alice’s dreamworld of Wonderland, the people she meets including the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, March Hare.

Together with her adventures Through the Looking Glass, she meets similarly well-loved characters. This is a story which enchants adults and children of all ages. 

 This production included a large cast of all ages including twelve members of First Act (which later became known as Dramalab), some of whom appear in future Theatre 62 productions.

Photos below

Cast includes

Lewis Carroll                   Ray Harris
Duchess                            Viki Jones
Prima                                Charlotte Longford
Cook                                  Joy Judd
Secunda                            Christie Neville
Cheshire Cat                    Mary Rogers
Alice                                  Emily London or Amy Harvey
White Rabbit                   James Molkenthin
March Hare                     Karen Heather
Mad Hatter                      Robert Heather
Doormouse                       Hazel Dales
Mouse/Jury                     Lauren Stocker
Lory/Jury                        Lorette Neville
Duck/Jury                        Amy Iaciofano
DoDo/Jury                       Rosemary Harris
Eagle/Jury                       Danielle Grainger
Old Crab/Jury                 Janet Clark
Yound Crab/Jury            Samantha Hand
Caterpillar/Jury              Laura Dinnage
Fish Footman                   Emily Thompson
Frog Footman                  Jim Judd
7 of Spades                       Nicholas Wilcox
5 of Spades                       Matthew Rolfe
2 of Spades                       Christopher Davies
Queen of Hearts              Carolyn Taylor
King of Hearts                  Ray Harris
Gryphon                           Jon Clark
Mock Turtle                     Penny Vetterlein
Guinea Pig                        Vita Thorpe
Knave of Hearts               Ian-Paul Munday
Red Queen                        Muriel Kidd
Tweedledum                    Matthew Rolfe
Tweedledee                      Christopher Davies
White Queen                    Nikki Packham
Sheep                                 Jean Golder
Humpty Dumpty             Philip Cohen
White King                        Tony Skeggs
White Knight                    Dennis Packham

Set designer                     John Heather
Lighting                             Ian James
Sound                                Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager                 Sally Guttridge
ASM                                   Jenny Jones
Set construction              T62 members
Set décor                           Stella Harvey
Lighting Asst                    David Hart
Sound Asst                       Andrew Herbert
Props                                 Joan Martin, Sally Guttridge with Maureen Taylor & Samantha Hand
Props construction          Bernard Hemsley, John Guttridge, Robert Heather
Wardrobe                         Margaret Uzzell with Pam Grafham & Polly Hart
Make Up                           Penny Vetterlein with Jean Golder and Hannah Green
Prompt                             Lesley Jopling
Children’s chaperone      Heather London

House Manager               Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                  Ann Herbert, Nina James
Raffle                                 Eve Stone
Box Office                         Margaret Uzzell
Poster design                   Adrian Pope
Programme Editior         Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design         Graham Copeland