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The Cemetery Club | October 2002

By Ivan Menchell.  Directed by Denise Taylor.

In this funny, wise and witty play Sam, whilst in the cemetery visiting his wife’s grave, meets three widows similarly visiting their husband’s graves.

After exchanging initial pleasantries the conversation deepens.

The three widows respond to Sam’s advances and Ida, Doris and Lucille’s lives are changed forever.

The action takes place in Ida’s living room and a cemetery in Forest Hills, Queens, New York, between September and November in the late 1980’s.

Ida                    Nikki Packham
Lucille              Muriel Kidd
Doris                Patricia Melluish
Sam                  Maurice Uzzell
Mildred            Rene Hughes

Set design                      Stella Harvey
Lighting Designer         David Hart
Sound Designer            Alice London
Stage Manager             Heather London
ASM                               Nick Wilcox
Set construction           Bernard Hemsley, T62 members
Set décor                       Stella Harvey
Technical Assistant      Ian James
Props                             Jim Judd with Emily London
Wardrobe                      members of the cast
Additional dresses Joan Martin and Margaret Uzzell
Prompt                          Phyllis Bardell

House Manager            Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments               Nina Jame
Raffle                              Eve Stone
Box Office                      Margaret Uzzell
Programme editor       Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design      Graham Copeland

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