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Uncle Vanya | June 2002

By Anton Chekov. Directed by Paul Marshall.

In the depth of the Russian countryside Vanya manages the estate of a retired professor and loves his young wife.

She is attracted to the doctor who attends her husband and does not return Vanya’s love.

The season ends, the family returns to the city and life continue its familiar round.

 The play is set on the country estate in the garden, dining room, drawing room and Uncle Vanya’s room. It is 1901.


Marina                                                              Rene Hughes
Milhail Lvovich Astrov                                   Alec Raemers
Ivan Petrovich Voinitsky (Uncle Vanya)     David Pollard
Aleksandra Vladimirovich Serebryakov      Maurice Uzzell
Yelena Andreyevna                                         Linda Harris
Sofya Aleksandrovna                                      Caron Lamond
Ilya IIyich Telyegin                                        David Burrow
Marya Vassileyevna                                       Jean Golder
Yefim & a workman                                        Peter Bidwell

Set designer                                                     Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer                                            Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer                                                Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager                                                 Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager                                        Lisa Davison
Stage crew                                                        Bernard Harriss, Emily London, John Placek, Stuart Scott, Nick Wilcox
Set construction                                               Adrian Pope, Bernard Hemsley
Set décor                                                           T62 members
Props                                                                 Sally Guttridge with Kelly Dibley
Wardrobe                                                         Margaret Uzzell with Rene Hughes
Wigs                                                                   Jean Golder with Jaqui Sirot
Prompt                                                              Alice London

House Manager                                                Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                                                   Joan Martin
Raffle                                                                 John Guttridge
Box Office                                                         Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                                                   Adrian Pope
Programme Editor                                          Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design                                         Graham Copeland

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