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Bell, Book and Candle | December 2001

By John Van Druten. Directed by Maurice Uzzell.

Gillian is a witch who is interested in Anthony, her upstairs neighbour.

To prevent his immnent engagement to an old school enemy, Gillian casts a spell.

However, Gillian falls in love with Anthony and, as a result, loses her magic powers.

The story is set in Gillian’s flat, near Knightsbridge in London, in the mid-1950’s.

Time: from Christmas Eve to late wintertime 

Gillian Holroyd                      Janet Sharrock
Anthony Henderson             Bernard Harriss
Aunt Queenie                        Jean Golder
Nicky Holroyd                       David Burrow
Sidney Reditch                      David Pollard

Set designer                            Maurice Uzzell
Lighting Designer                   David Hart
Sound Designer                      Ian James
Stage Manager                       Heather London
Asst Stage Manager              Alice London
Set construction                     T62 members
Sound Asst                              Daniel Whymark
Props                                       Joan Martin with Pat King
Wardrobe                                Margaret Uzzell
Prompt                                    Phyllis Bardell

House Manager                     Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                        Nina James
Raffle                                      Ann Herbert
Box Office                              Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                        Graham Copeland
Programme Editor               Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design               Graham Copeland

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