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Abigail’s Party | October 2001

By Mike Leigh. Directed by Jon Clark.

While Abigail, a neighbour’s daughter, gives a party, Beverly, fan of Demis Roussos and appreciator of popular art, entertains hr new neighbours.

Her persistent clichés and fatuous small talk escalate tension which finaly snaps and Beverley’s homelife changes beyond recognition.

The action takes place in Laurence and Beverly’s house, one evening, in the 1970’s. 



Beverly                       Gillian Wastell
Laurence                    Alec Raemers
Angela                        Nikki Kempton
Tony                           Martin Bunyan
Susan                          Susan Adam

Set designer                                Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer                      James Simpson
Sound Designer                          Ian James
Stage Managers & Props          Maggie Hoyle & Nina James
Asst Stage Manager                  Stephen Whalley
Sound Asst                                  Daniel Whymark
Lighting Asst                              Andrew Herbert
Set construction                         Maurice Uzzell & T62 members
Wardrobe                                    Nikki Packham, Margaret Uzzell
Prompt                                        Audrey Smithard

House Manager                         Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                            Brenda Noble
Raffle                                           Pat King
Box Office                                   Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                             Adrian Pope
Programme Editor                    Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design                   Graham Copeland