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A Chorus of Disapproval | June 2001

By Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Howard James.

Perceived to be of influence, Guy Jones is courted by members of the Pendon Amateur Light Operatic Society by promotion to the lead in ‘The Beggar’s Opera’.

He is offered sexual favours and various perks, but is shunned when the truth is revealed.

The action takes place in and around Pendon, Bucks, as members of the Pendon Amateur Light Operatic Society progresses from their first rehearsal to a performance.

Photos below.


Guy Jones                               Stephen Kennedy
Dafydd ap Llewellyn              Del Stone
Hannah Llewellyn                  Pauline Whalley
Bridget Bains                          Viki Jones
Mr Ames                                 Bernard John
Ted Washbrook                      Jon Clark
Enid Washbrook                     Eve Stone
Rebecca Huntly-Pike            Muriel Kidd
Jarvis Huntley-Pike              John Oakenfull
Ian Hubbard                           Simon Ward
Crispin Usher                          Andrew Heather
Linda Washbrook                   Jessica Nicol    

Music Director                        Bernard John
Choreographer                       Penny Heather
Set designer                            Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer                   Ian James
Sound Designer                      Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager                       Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager              Stuart Scott with Joanne Burton
Sound Asst                              Adam Bexley
Lighting Asst                          Andrew Herbert
Stage crew                              Gemma Betteley, Alice London, Emily London, James Simpson, Nicholas Wilcox
Set décor & construction       Adrian Pope & T62 members
Props                                        Pat King with Mary Carroll
Wardrobe & wigs                    Eve Stone
Make-up & wigs                     Jean Golder
Make-up Asst                         Nina James
Prompt Joy Judd

House Manager                      Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                         Brenda Noble
Raffle                                        Heather London
Box Office                                Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                          Adrian Pope
Programme Editor                 Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design                Graham Copeland