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Map of the Heart | February 2001

By William Nicholson. Directed by Rene Hughes.

Ruth and Mary are Albie’s wife and lover.

He is a doctor and isdissatisfied with his life so he goes to The Sudan with Mary to perforn charitable work.

When he is taken hostage Ruth and Mary are left to poignantly take stock of their emotions.

The action takes place in England and the Sudan during 1990-1991.



Ruth Steadman                      Pauline Gregoire
Albie Steadman                     Jez Burrows
Sally Steadman                      Jenny Jones
Bernard Fisher                      David Kinch
Angus Ross                             David Pollard
Mary Hanlon                          Janet Sharrock
Andrew Rainer                      Paul Marshall
Smithy                                    Peter Bidwell
June Armitage                       Nikki Packham
Newscaster                             Andrew Herbert
Other parts                            David Burrow, Ian-Paul Munday, Nina Herbert

Set designer                           Maurice Uzzell
Lighting Designer                  David Hart
Sound Designer                      Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager                       Ann Page-Wood
Asst Stage Manager              Pat King
Sound Asst                              Ian James
Lighting Asst                          Dan Terry
Set décor                                 Carolyn Fuller
Set construction                     T62 members
Props                                       Joan Martin with Nina Herbert
Wardrobe                               Margaret Uzzell with Muriel Kidd, Pat King
Prompt                                   Heather London
Organist                                  Henry Fairs
Pianist                                     Doris Meins

House Manager                     Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                        Brenda Noble
Raffle                                       Sally Guttridge
Box Office                               Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                         Jeanette Vale
Programme Editor                Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design               Graham Copeland