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The Wind in the Willows | December 2000

By Kenneth Grahame, adapted by Alan Bennett. Directed by Paul Marshall.

Mole, Rat and Badger try to restrain Toad’s foolish whimsies and penchant for fast cars, which land him in prison.

Thrill as they brave the dangers of the Wild Wood and, by defeating the weasels, restore Toad to Toad Hall.

Tha action takes place on The River Bank, The Wild Wood and The Wide World, near Cookham on the River Thames in the 1920’s.

Photos below.


Mole                                                                Billy Brown
Rat                                                                  Ray Harris
Toad                                                               Philip Cohen
Badger                                                            John Heather
Otter                                                               Tony Skeggs
Portly                                                              Ashley Waller
Albert                                                             Maurice Uzzell
Chief Weasel                                                  Mark Storey
Weasel Norman                                            Nigel London
Sergeant/Ferret Fred                                 Michael Taylor
Stoat Gerald                                                  Stuart Scott
Stoat Stuart                                                   Ian-Paul Munday
Weasel Wilfred                                              Jonathan Lemmon
Fox/Bargewoman                                         Rosemary Harris
Parkinson/Policeman                                   Tony Skeggs
Rupert/Train Driver                                    Jim Judd
Monica/Gypsy                                              Joy Judd
Magistrate                                                     Muriel Kidd
Clerk of the Court/Gaoler’s Daughter       Viki Jones
Washerwoman                                              Margaret Uzzell
Rabbit family: Sophie Jackson,Katie Figg, Kathryn Pritchard, Emily London
Hedgehog family: MaryRogers, Stephanie Howard, Natalie Piddock, Holly Bott, Kirsty Yule

Music Director                                              Bernard John
Dance Arranger                                             Penny Heather
Set designer                                                   Adrian Pope
Lighting Designer                                          Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer                                             Daniel Whymark
Stage Manager                                              Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager                                     Peter Atkinson, Denise Taylor
Stage Crew                                                     Kate Lemmon, Bernard Neale
Lighting Operator                                         Ian James
Set décor                                                        Carolyn Fuller, Stella Harvey
Set construction                                            Adrian Pope, Bernard Hemsley, T62 members
Props                                                              Joan Martin, Nina Herbert
Wardrobe                                                       Dottie McDonald, Moyra McNeill, Phyllis Bardell, Margaret Uzzell
Make-up                                                        Doreen Neale, Jean Golder, Penny Vetterlein
Prompt                                                           Lesley Jopling

House Manager                                             Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                                                Brenda Noble
Raffle                                                              Avril Jackson
Box Office                                                      Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                                                Jeanette Vale
Programme Editor                                       Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design                                       Graham Copeland